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Matthew, This room is perfect! I am from Nashville too and have been searching to find similar fabric for drapes with no luck. Do you mind sharing where you bought yours locally?

Also, I love the console table under the window. Where did you get it?

I am working on a similar scheme for my new condo living room now. I have a charcoal gray sofa with SW Worldly Gray as the wall color. I was also eyeing the West Elm marble topped side table you have too. All of that to say....I love your taste! Great job!

Matthew's "Modern Coastal Casual" Room Room for Color Contest
10/23/12 04:46 PM

At least two of the fire pits you show above are designed and made by Rick Wittrig, of Fire Pit Art in Wilson County, TN. I believe you can also buy directly from him. www.firepitart.com The Third Rock fire pit was chosen and installed as the fire pit in the Athletes Olympic Village for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Best Fire Pits 2012 Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
8/13/12 11:16 PM

Also, Anderson Design Group, which puts out the amazing "Spirit of Nashville" series has come out with two designs as well. I'll definitely be picking up a few of these.


Nashville Relief Effort Posters & Gear Up For Grabs | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/14/10 04:59 PM


This was not a 100 year flood. This was not a 500 year flood. The Army Corps of Engineers is now calling this a 1000-year flood event. While I appreicate your concern for the environment, saying people should think twice about rebuilding in low-lying areas due to this event is not only callous and heartless, but also a load of complete crap. These were NOT low lying areas. They were nowhere near the flood way or even the flood plain. They were MILES from the nearest river. What part of 1000 YEAR FLOOD do you not understand?

I can only hope that if you or your family suffers a tragedy of such epic proportions that people will show you more compassion than you have shown here. I grew up just outside Nashville and still live here now, and have been so incredibly inspired by my community's response to this disaster. I am so proud to be a Nashvillian, and so proud and thankful that we as a community have much more heart and compassion and kindness than you seem to be capable of.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, there is an incredible blog post that has made the rounds here and even been covered on network news shows regarding the flood. It completely sums up why I am so proud of my city and why I KNOW we will make it back from this stronger than ever before:


The Clean Up In Nashville Continues A Week Later | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/11/10 03:04 PM

I am an architect and we have done several retrofit projects with those types of toilets, and how to cover them up while still leaving them functional. We specify for a 12"x6" box to be built around the flush valve assembly, but the box leaves a small slit in the side so that the flush handle is still exposed (barely) and usable. I think you could use a similar technique, and even maybe put a shelf over the whole box so it is even more disguised. You'd have to reach under the shelf to flush the toilet, but it would still work, and hide the controls. Hope this helps!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Help With My Industrial Toilet Pipes?
9/26/08 01:49 PM

It depends on how close you are, but I know here in Nashville there is actually an Ikea pickup/delivery business. They will take your order, drive to Atlanta (closest Ikea for us), and bring it back to you for about half of what Ikea charges for shipping. You might check around and see if there is a company like that around you.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Alternatives Without High Delivery Charges?
9/15/08 12:54 PM

"This goes along with doing one thing at a time and is the hardest thing for us: don't open tabs in your browser. Only read one website at a time and don't open 16 more in tabs to read later. Just one at a time (and don't spend all night doing it either!)."

That is exactly how I read AT and the Kitchn too. It's so much easier than clicking a link, going back, scrolling down, etc.

Off topic but does anyone know what kind of plants the hanging ones in the photo are? I'm just starting to enjoy having plants around and NOT kill them, and those are so pretty! I'd love to get some for my apartment.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 11 Tips for Slowing Down
8/19/08 08:29 AM