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I lived in Marina Towers from February, 1995 to May, 2001 in two different units. Since moving to Geneva in 2001, I have really missed my Marina Towers kitchens. The layout was very efficient for food preparation and the cabinets provided plenty of storage space. The cabinets in the 1st unit were yellow, but they were in good condition. The cabinets in the second unit were white, but had received hard usage and the drawers did not work as well.

Your pictures brought back fond memories of living there and being at the heart of Chicago. The unit looks great thanks to your cleaning, care and decorating.

I came upon your site because I am starting to think about a kitchen remodel and I wanted to find some pictures of the cabinets.

I have one question. Do the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling? I remember that I was able to store so much in them and the the wire shelves, which resembed oven racks, were great as they did not collect dust.

Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful unit.

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8/15/12 08:42 AM