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@phdyogi white flour means not wholewheat I believe. I make the Tartine bread all the time and only ever use unbleached white flour along with a little wholewheat. It is the best bread I have ever made and I have made quite a bit

Bake Bread! 20 Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for No-Knead Bread
9/7/11 08:48 PM

I got one of my daughters a silver one from
great service, beautiful things, highly recommended

Have also knitted one from this pattern
looks great but need to assemble...next project

Poufs in 10 Candy Colors | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/12/10 10:11 PM

When I worked in a restaurant in my 20's in the UK there was a guy who came in every morning at about 9-10am and had a couple of large ones of these straight up...we call it hair of the dog...not sure it's a good thing! the memory has stayed with me a while

Try a Little Bitterness: Fernet-Branca Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/21/10 03:48 PM

I use it to make elderflower cordial...yummy I think I bought it at healthy/organic food store it is in a 1 lb foil bag, Frontier brand, and have just noticed it is 'non-irradiated'...phew, think that must be a good thing!

What's the Deal with Citric Acid? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/11/10 03:37 PM

I make this a lot and use it as a staple in my 'family kitchen' cooking classes. I recommend making a double quantity, eat one lot as is on the first night then use the leftovers to make something such as a chicken and couscous salad a night or two later...no-one will know it's leftovers. Use chicken breasts or tenders to wean the children off chicken nuggets ;) you can even saute these on the stove top and it takes less time to cook than nuggets

Recipe: Lemon Garlic Chicken | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/22/10 01:07 PM

Brandy butter is my husband's favourite...English. I personally prefer cream or homemade vanilla ice cream with my Christmas pud. But now I have a recipe maybe I will make it for him and he'll be super happy.

Food Gift We'd Love to Receive: Whipped Brandy Butter | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/2/09 08:48 PM

I love the other ones mentioned but love these also, have the wooden one


I really miss Terence Conran's Habitat from the UK, love their stuff.

Apartment Therapy DC | Roundup: Top 5 Tempting Trivets
11/2/09 11:07 PM

We are residents in the US from the UK and our family is equally split. My husband is a Marmite lover and I HATE it but have it in the house as long as he doesn't wave it under my nose. We also have two daughters and one is with him and one with me in the love/hate stakes...I guess that's only fair.
I can't bring myself to actually put it in my mouth, even once, so can't help you Mike D.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Marmite: Love It or Hate It?
3/2/09 04:43 PM

We did use Collins Brothers recently. We had them move us out of our house, move us into a rental, store most of our stuff and then move us back out of the rental into our rebuilt house.

They were thoroughly professional right from the initial contact with Craig through to John and his guys doing the physical moving, in and out, twice! All with no fuss and as little pain as is possible in a move.

We would thoroughly recommend them to anyone else and would use them again...not that we are moving anytime soon.

Apartment Therapy New York | Collins Brothers Moving
8/18/08 11:56 AM