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So brilliant! When you come up with more ideas like that one be sure to put them here. It may actually help me win the battle I wage with my tiny apartment!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: Heather's Filing System
10/22/08 09:34 AM

This is in a category of it's own. What a refreshing scheme! Especially for being so simple. This entire set provides readers with ideas that they can use while really upping the bar for this challenge. The idea to use colour is great and all, but to use it so that it packs a graphic punch in a subtle way takes talent. Even if the entire place doesn't suit your style, there are elements that appeal to most everyone. That is an accomplishment! Kudos.

(I am stealing the bathroom AND the Milo Baughman)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Northwest #32: Jason and Ryan's Colorful Combination
10/22/08 09:27 AM

I am all about making art. If you are not fancying yourself the creative type there are so many things you can do on so many different levels, even buying inexpensive shadow box frames makes for instant art as you go around the house and find bits and bobs, or even better, thrift stores and garage sales or sticks you find on walks...

I put up picks on my page a bit ago of what I have dubbed my 'museum wall' because it is less gallery wall than a collection of special items that I want to look at. The thing that keeps them united are the frames but I have everything from a tiny note card to an old enamel pin up there. The frames are from IKEA and were from $4 to $12 last year. I once saw vintage doll clothes framed like fashion art that looked just gorgeous with white frame and matting... it is easy to do, you just have to be on the lookout for frameable objects. I promise, it will get addicting once you start. You will start to see everything as a possible piece of wall candy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Open Thread 130 San Francisco
9/23/08 10:50 AM

Florida? No wonder mine is so mad at me. I keep it (in Canada) in a north facing apartment window. I got it at a grocers and was really surprised that they even had them. I saw them in gardens in Victoria so I figured it could hack it in my windowsill but then moved and now it gets only north sun. I intend to move again and am trying to keep it alive till then. I bought it at the end of last summer and all this year it has looked just horrid but is reaching valiantly for the sun by climbing the window to the top. Just last week there were suddenly blooms all along the one vine and every day a new flower greets me in the morning. They truly are spectacular and I whisper sweet nothings to it regularly to keep it going!

Apartment Therapy New York | PlantTherapy: Success!On Making the Passion Flower Bloom
9/22/08 08:50 AM

This is all kind of amusing. At least you got a conversation started. For all of these people who live vicariously through the Anthropologie set of rules, your choice won't make sense. It is very french. It is a far cry from the tailored modernist sofas that Kartell would be touting and therefore probably kind of obscure for people in the American "design realm", but it is a gorgeous piece. And the fabrics are probably devine, as natural fibers always are.

It is a beautiful piece.

Apartment Therapy New York | New Family Home #8: Honey, We Have a Sofa!
8/18/08 04:21 AM