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Should have also added: love, love, LOVE the shell chandelier/radiator-fan cover deal.

Before & After: Dana's Darling DIY Cottage Bathroom Update
3/30/14 03:17 PM

I'm not a fan of trough sinks generally, but for the advantage of preserving drawer space, I'm totally on board with this choice. Very nice remodel.

Before & After: Dana's Darling DIY Cottage Bathroom Update
3/30/14 03:16 PM

LOVE the marble paper in the back.

Laminate furniture is a woeful reality for those of us without deep pockets, and it's great to see a way to make it look less generic.

Before & After: A Laminate Cabinet Gets a Face-lift
2/23/14 02:04 PM

So many changes to the original-- it looks like the owners basically only reused the frame. I guess it's worth the time and effort when you end up with a piece that's customized for the way your kitchen functions.

Before & After: From Heavy Hutch to Modern Kitchen Island
2/23/14 11:00 AM

Lovely apartment. I like the crispness and lack of clutter. Because it is so crisp and uncluttered, a bit more color (for example, a light, neutral wall color other than white, a few plants, etc.) would do much to personalize and warm up your apartment. I also noticed that there were tchotchkes where personal photos might go, like on the wall shelves in your bedroom. It makes your place look more "showroom" than "home." It is a balancing act (in my home clutter and "personality" are winning by a wide margin-- this is not better). Overall though, it is quite nice, and is an inspiration to me to declutter! :)

Kim & Kyle's Graceful Home House Tour
12/13/13 01:58 PM

My iPhone breakage story is not interesting in the least. I was attempting to use it when it slipped from my hands and landed face down, flat on the concrete walkway. The phone had a plastic covering on its face and sheath around the body, but it still shattered the front glass. I've been using it in its shattered state even though some of the glass has come out.

Tales of Broken iPhones
9/10/12 10:57 AM

The apartment is absolutely gorgeous.

But where is your television?

I know it seems like a pedestrian question, but placement of the tv, stereo, computer, and other inconvenient necessities are some of the design solutions that I look for in house tours/house calls.

Chad's Small Space Glamour in New Orleans House Call
9/10/12 10:51 AM

CBS's Sunday Morning did a really nice send up to her yesterday and featured great examples of her work: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7393486n

Classic Centenarian: Eva Zeisel's Timeless Tableware

1/2/12 03:27 PM

This list is my list. I am sometimes not successful at getting all of these items done before I hit the road, but every single one of them is an important goal.

Instead of having a neighbor hold my mail, I go to usps.gov and complete the online form to have the post office hold my mail until I return. This has been invaluable, and is so easy to do. It's nice having a nice bundle of mail show up the day or day after I return, and I don't have to worry about neighbors being in my house when I'm not there or having my mail pile up letting criminals know I'm not there.

It's been great every time I've done it for the past several years EXCEPT this most recent request when the post office apparently misdelivered my bundle. They are investigating it now.

5 Tips When Preparing to Leave for a Trip
4/15/11 04:21 PM

These people suck with their stupid fantastic view of the stupid, AWFUL Chrysler building. Stupid, great building. I hate their stupid-- but also, mainly DUMB-- fantastic furniture that I would have in my house if I could afford it and had simply THOUGHT OF IT FIRST. Whatever. Hate them. :(

Erica & Harry Combine Forces at the Setai
House Tour

11/17/10 10:20 PM

This is a nice, lived-in look apartment. The owner has a good sense of style and comfort. I'm not crazy about all the bookcases, though. I think he probably needs to edit some and opt for a bit more symmetry in terms of size and placement of the bookcases. Overall, I really like his space.

Ben's Warm & Cozy Austin Apartment
House Tour

9/24/10 12:55 PM

Wow, this is fantastic.

I wonder what he'll do when it's time to sell or move. It looks well-done enough to take a chance on selling it as a "feature," but I'm sure the vast majority of potential buyers would like looking at it, but couldn't imagine living with it.

Warhol Kitchen by Jonathan Fong | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/19/10 07:11 PM

Don't put this pattern on your wall. Just don't.

How Can I Reproduce This Pattern on My Walls? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/10/10 02:56 PM

So, green then?

I like how the majority of the house comes together, and the pool and yard are gorgeous yet unpretentious. However, those bedroom walls! Way too neon for me.

Terry Shawn's Technicolor Dream Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
1/4/10 06:16 PM

Roof load? Especially when it rains or snows? Wouldn't they have to reinforce the roof? It seems like there would be a lot of expense, inconvenience, and liability issues.

NYC Rooftop Houses | Apartment Therapy New York
12/21/09 12:22 AM

I agree with Britomart-- holiday cards would probably work much better.

Even though this attempt is kind of sad, it has a kind of "make do-ism" that can be fun. Not every situation calls for the whole tree shebang. I think a concept like this would have worked much better for me a few years ago when I was DETERMINED for some reason or other to have a tree even though I live alone. I wept the entire time I dressed the tree, pitifully reminded that I had no one special to share the occasion with. That was the saddest Christmas I've ever had.

This TMI moment is sponsored by the letter "S" for SAD! :)

Drying Rack as Christmas Tree | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/7/09 04:39 PM

Classy and elegant.

Cheryl's Simple, Eclectic Functional House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
12/2/09 05:56 PM

We have a couple of spaces like these in our offices. They are rarely used because our office is missing one key ingredient: WIFI!!

The Office Living Room Trend Watch | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/2/09 05:55 PM

Does bohemian automatically mean feminine? The last bedroom is the least feminine of the 5, but I wouldn't exactly call it masculine, either.

The first room is my fave. I'm not sure why. The colors and styles/patterns of the bedspread and chandelier versus those of the wall paper, furniture, and lamps should clash, but it totally works for me.

5 Boho Bedrooms | Apartment Therapy New York
12/2/09 05:28 PM

Fancy! That round entry combines two of my favorite things-- round rooms and fancy floors. Gorgeous.

I'm not sure why 1GH says the room is too crowded. There seems to be plenty of room to me. The only too crowded area may be the chairs crowding the Barbara Barry sofa (which is the best sofa ever created in the history of the world. FACT!). Go to the article and look at all the photos I think the perspective is a bit better there.

A Watergate Condo with Amazing Views Washington Spaces | Apartment Therapy DC
12/1/09 06:01 PM