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I love gift giving. I really do spend the time trying to find "the perfect gift", and therefore get a bit sad when people don't do the same for me. It's not about the money spent, but about the thought that went into the gift. Gift cards are all about money, not thought (I couldn't think of what to get you, so I got you this gift card).

Giving Of Gifts: The Exquisite Risk, The Sweetest Thrill
12/16/11 04:46 PM

I asked for and got a wonderful coffee maker for christmas last year.
This year I am 7 months pregnant and all I want for christmas is a car seat and stroller!!

What's The Best Practical Gift You Ever Received?
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12/16/11 04:43 PM

Any advice as to how to approach this topic with a partner who snores? Everytime I bring his snoring up he gets defensive. I am at my wits' end though - I'm 6 months pregnant and don't sleep much as it is, much less while he is snoring away. We are also planning on keeping the baby in our room after she is born and I'm worried about his snoring keeping her up. Not to mention I won't be able to use earplugs once she is born. Any advice short of nagging him until he goes to the doctor or sleeping separately?!?

Don't Lose Sleep Over It: A Guide to Surviving Snoring
11/10/11 07:36 PM

This buffalo chicken dip is sooo bad for you but soooo good!

Tailgating and Beyond: 10 Simple Dip Recipes
9/29/11 12:33 PM

If you want to hear more about Haitian mango farmers, This American Life and Planet Money did a great story a while back on it called Island Time.

Video: Harvesting Fair Trade Mangos in Haiti
6/3/11 04:36 PM

Crawfish boils are a great tradition in the coastal South. I don't even eat crawfish but I love the parties and eat the sausage and corn and potatoes!

Get Messy! 5 Tips for Hosting a Crawfish Boil
5/26/11 11:51 AM

GO WITH DARK GROUT!! If you pick light grout, it will never look clean/be clean, no matter how much scrubbing on your knees you do.

Tips for Choosing Grout: Tiled Bathroom & Kitchen Floors
5/17/11 05:19 PM

love the art! I used to live in LB - miss it so much.

Jon's Absolute Art Anarchy
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5/12/11 03:53 PM

Love elephants! I used to have the cutest pink elephant watering can that I got at Target. Wish I could find one like it again!

Elephant Accessories

4/26/11 04:42 PM

My husband snores, loudly. I use earplugs but am paranoid about not hearing my alarm so can't use them during the week. I feel bad about poking and prodding him through the night to get him to turn over, and worry that I am disturbing his sleep as much as he is mine. He is also ultra-sensitive about it and I'm not sure would visit any specialists without an ultimatum from me. Any ideas on how to get him to see a specialist?

Testing Products to Stop Snoring
3/31/11 09:50 PM

I've been in love with these forever!! I want one painted a punchy color like pink or green with cute fabric covering the seat! My great grandmother had one and it was my favorite spot to sit and read or draw as a child.

Going Gaga for Gossip Benches

3/17/11 11:15 PM

The only exit to our great back porch and yard is through french doors in our master bedroom. I don't mind having people walk through, and it makes me keep the bedroom neat and clean.

Is Your Bedroom Off-Limits to Guests?
3/17/11 11:05 PM

I did! Love this with the spots of red :)

Black Iron for the Powder Room
Color Therapy

3/15/11 02:15 PM

I bought these really awesome (snarky) matches from Etsy seller Dippylulu and have them in all my bathrooms

Embarrassing Small Space Problems — Solved
2/16/11 08:01 PM

While I don't eat gluten-free, I can recommend Lori Andrew's food blog:

10 Inspiring Blogs for Gluten-Free Food & Cooking
1/20/11 04:46 PM

for clothes, ModCloth and Anthropologie
for decor, art, presents, Etsy and Delight
for inspiration, I check out Pinterest and apartment therapy :)

What Are Your Favorite Online Shopping Sites?
11/18/10 09:42 PM

hey! I have a black and red living room and have been looking at that table too! WEIRD! Anyways, I have a red accent wall and a red accent chair, so I was going to go with a dark stain (dark brown or black) for the table (my console and bookcase are black). The ebony stain looks dark in the picture, so you might lose some of the lovely woodgrain of the table. I usually like all of the wood color to match in a room, and add accents in other ways with art, paint, and textiles.

Here's to great minds thinking alike :)

Which Color Coffee Table for Black & Red Living Room?
Good Questions

11/15/10 08:46 AM

It is totally worth it!!! When we lived in Long Beach, CA we moved 1 block from a 1 bed apartment to a 2 bed house - it was the easiest move I have ever done! You don't have to pack breakable things (like dishes, pictures) as well because you are just going around the corner, you could even do the move without a moving truck if you have some strong friends :) We were able to move things in stages over 2 days, and the packing/unpacking was easy too! I highly recommend it.

Would You Move Just One Block?
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8/3/10 12:41 PM

I foresee a Big Sort in my near future... I will try to document the process!

The Big Sort: The Best Thing About Packing Up for a Move | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/10/10 01:52 PM

quality over quantity

Reader Memo: Apartment Therapy Loses Weight | Apartment Therapy New York
4/1/10 02:25 PM