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Forget the crib, what is the source for that cool changing table / dresser thing in the picture?

2012 Trends: Lucite Furniture in the Nursery?
1/6/12 06:10 PM

Love it! Bookmarking this now (no pun intended) for my kiddo's future birthday parties.

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10/10/11 07:54 PM

My SIL has a set in her kitchen, I was JUST thinking about getting a set for my daughter to use as a nesting toy...

Matryoshkas Measuring Cups
10/10/11 04:03 PM

I second the Canon S95. I got it when our little one was 5 months old after realizing we had a bunch of so-so pictures from our old camera that didn't even compare to the pictures my sister in law was taking on her Canon S95. If you're inclined you can do a lot of special stuff or just rely on the auto setting to do the work for you. Great investment.

Point-and-Shoot Camera Recommendations
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9/9/11 06:53 PM

bodicegoddess I agree, I've been trying to find one that works but doesn't break the far no luck.

Console Searching: Retro Inspired Media Consoles
7/19/11 07:37 PM

*I* can fold a fitted sheet. I learned from my mother. We are both virgos. LOL.

Can You Fold a Fitted Sheet?

7/19/11 07:15 PM

We just took our 7.5 month old camping for the first time and it went great! We borrowed a friend's pack n play, put it in the tent for sleeping at night (we have a big tent, I'd reccommend a big tent!), and during the day we would take it out so she could hang out in there safely when we needed some down time. (We were with friends though so there was usually someone eager to take a turn holding and playing with her. We also brought our baby bjorn bouncy chair, great for putting her in during camp set up and take down so she could watch the action. And a soft carrier. Also if you're breastfeeding that makes feeder your baby so convenient. Have fun! I can't wait until next year, I plan to get her one of those peapod tents the others have mentioned.

Tips for Camping with a Baby
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7/14/11 06:56 PM

I'm thinking you could hang a low closet bar below your regular clothes for the shoe hangers. Wondering if I could do this in our entry way low to the ground below a shelf or something. It would keep shoes up off the floor. I can't stand shoes all over the floor!

Simple Sandal & Flat Storage from Wire Hangers

7/13/11 02:50 PM

We went for a firm sofa instead of a comfy one because we liked the look. We spent a lot of time in stores lounging on various modern sofas to see if we were sure it would be comfortable enough. Glad to say we love our sofa - and it has softened up in the year or two we've owned it. We also have some comfy pillows and blankets on hand and I consider it a success that we have been known to snuggle up on it for a movie only to pass out half way through :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Turning A Furniture Regret Around
10/28/09 06:01 PM

If it's something very specific I've been looking for, I know it's the best deal I can get and I'm in a position to afford it, I'll jump.

Anything less obvious than that and I typically walk away. I like to look around and think things over for a while before I'm in a position to make a quick decision.

And If I don't have sufficient cash....I try not to even look!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Take Advantage of Recession Sales, or Save? Use a Wish List!
10/23/09 08:22 PM

I went inside our bedroom closet once so I could pop out and scare hubby. Turns out there was no nob on the inside and what might have been a safety latch at one time was completely immovable. So instead of scaring him I had to knock on the door and ask him to let me out! :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Get Out Of A Locked Room
10/23/09 06:06 PM

That reminds me I am due for a smudge. I try to do the house periodically.

When we were househunting we hubby swears something invisible knocked him upside the head when he was saying something bad about some feature of the house. Turns out the prior owner died in the house. Probably a sign we weren't the right family to move in next! We took the head-smacker's advice.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Was That A Ghost?: What To Do Except Scream
10/22/09 07:06 PM

ooh ooh the Molo Tea Lantern is so cool. I love tea sets. I'm banned from buying any more. (for now...muhaahaa)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Modern & Contemporary Tea Sets
10/22/09 06:56 PM

Yes anyone know price range? This sounds really fun!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Photobooth Love
10/22/09 06:49 PM

I think ladymantle is at the wrong blog. This is a place for design, not politics, thankyou.

Apartment Therapy DC | Anthropologie Chandelier for Obama Daughters Man Shops Globe
10/19/09 01:24 AM

I would urge people not to buy any particleboard furniture from Target. It's not worth the $. I bought a TV console thing as a cheap solution and a few years later it is one sad, sagging piece of furniture and looks really ugly. Go to Ikea before you go to Target for furniture.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Simple Nightstands Under $100
10/12/09 05:11 PM

I have one of the common ikea wicker baskets turned upside-down as a night stand right now. It's small enough to fit in the small wall space between the bed and the closet door. And since it was lying around the house not being used at the moment, it was free.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 5 Small Nightstands for Under $5
10/12/09 05:06 PM

This is awesome! I love the geomerty. Simple but interesting. Would love to paint and furnish this place.

Apartment Therapy New York | Skylights & Windows of House Bierings ArchDaily
10/9/09 04:16 PM

Actually, the editor said they preferred round, not the person with the question, so other shapes are still "on the table" :)

I've been pining for a carera marble top table. Your chairs would look good with that. Check out Room and Board - you can build your own table from a variety of types of wood, stone, glass, and leg finishes.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Table for 6 Black Eames DCM Chairs? Good Questions
10/8/09 04:21 PM

I'd take any color or style house that was well maintained over a house that looks neglected. There are plenty of examples of both in Berkeley, and the well maintained whimsical purple house adds much more to the neighborhood than the white one that has a weed-yard and dirty windows!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Exterior "Suggestions": Neighborly or Not Okay?
10/8/09 04:07 PM