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Thanks for all of the advice, everyone! I think I have decided to go with inside-mount Roman shades -- I think the existing blind hardware will work (we can at least make it look like we never drilled when we reinstall the old blinds when we move). I agree now that using drapes would detract from the woodwork that gives the apartment such character. While privacy is not a big issue in this third-floor apartment, it would be nice to block the glare for daytime TV-watching.

And here's a secret for everyone who admired the 'stained glass' above the door - it's contact paper! Stained glass like this is extremely common in buildings of this era in St. Louis so most people never notice that it's faux!

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5/27/10 03:59 PM

I first made labneh for a recipe from 101 Cookbooks. It was divine - bulgur, spinach and roasted tomatoes, dotted with creamy labneh. I'll have to try eating labneh as you suggested above - sounds delicious!

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1/5/09 10:39 PM

On toasted bread, with sea salt, basil, and a little olive oil. Equally good as a pizza!

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10/17/08 11:21 AM

Try making it with lime juice rather than lemon - that's how I've always done it.

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8/15/08 12:56 PM