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Um, is it possible that you are living in the house I grew up in????!!!?

Revenge of the '70s Bath Stickers - How To Remove Them? Good Questions
7/5/13 03:46 PM

Your place actually has a nice layout. But you're basically dealing with one big room, and the bedroom. Resist the urge to fill every inch. I personally like spaces that are more sparsely populated. Gives the rooms and its inhabitants the space to breath, and to appreciate what is there.

If you want to make the room(s) hang together better, think about repeating colors and textures throughout,. For example, red throw pillow on your couch, a red table cloth on the table, and a red piece of art in the den would help tie everything together. Doesn't necessarily have to be a single color...you could pick 2 or 3.

You could also think about playing with furniture placement. For example, in the den area, if you have the desk up against a wall, would it make sense to flip it around so it faces out into the room, giving the person working there a view of the apartment and the windows beyond?

How To Use \"In Between\" Areas of Open Concept Space? Good Questions
6/3/13 08:33 AM

It actually doesn't look that dark and gloomy to me. I would paint the soffitts/walls above the cabinets the same color as the cabinets.

If your ceiling is not already bright white, repainting it might help a bit too.

I like the lower cabinets being dark...balances out darth frigidaire.

If you're still feeling gloomy, then updating the sage green with an earth green that is a bit more yellow would also be a change to think about.

Kitchen Color that Works with Terrible Lighting? Good Questions
5/21/13 03:15 PM

I agree with the sentiment that pink is an ugly horrible color. If you disagree, google "drunk tank pink" and read up.

I would paint it. As others have pointed out you can paint tile. Yes, upon close inspection, you will immediately know that the tile is painted. Still, better than pink.

Should you choose NOT to cover the tile with paint i would go WHOLE HOG and embrace it. Paint every non-tile surface. I think a charcoal or hot pink would be good, but kelly green would be uber preppy and kinda cool also.

Ideas for Rental's Lilac & Black Tile? Good Questions
5/21/13 03:02 PM

Don't get me wrong I LOVE scrabble and words, but I don't get this trend...I don't want to READ your house.

I am still a fan of monograms.

The Writing is on the Wall: Typographic Inspiration for the Home
5/2/13 12:20 PM

Layout 2 makes more sense to me, and agree that your sofa is too big.

Dining table may be too large also....

How To Lay Out Furniture in New Condo Living Room? Good Questions
4/29/13 11:20 AM

I like the idea of hanging the bike up. Floating it up there will make it like art. If you go this route, be sure the bike is SECURE. Last thing you want is a bike falling on you or a guest. Also, be mindful that the user of the bike needs to get it up/down safely. Could be awkward and potentially dangerous to balance on the steep staircase while raising or lowering the bike.

Other than using the negative vertical space, I think its too narrow for a lot of storage options. But a bright pastel paint job, art and better lighting would be improvements...

How Can I Use This 2-Story Apartment Staircase Entryway? Good Questions
4/29/13 11:06 AM

Agree with what amyfaith said. (and others.) especially about the scale of furniture. You probably want at LEAST a couple of feet on either end of the sofa so that their is enough room to walk around it, and so that the room can breathe. IE, if your couch is too long, it will just emphasize the narrowness of the room. Look for sofas/loveseats that are 6 feet or smaller. Play with boxes to figure out what scale makes sense....

How the Heck Do We Furnish Our New Living Room? Good Questions
4/25/13 09:24 AM

Lowest budget option: Landing strip. In other words a place to sort mail, drop your keys in a pretty bowl, etc. Would also be a nice place for a cool tchotcke, fresh flowers, or bowl of fruit.

Next lowest budget option: Perch. Replace those stools (which seem to be too short for the height of the ledge) with something slim and backless. Sure there's still no leg room, but one-two people can perch there with a glass of wine while the chef is in the kitchen getting dinner ready.

Less budget option: Breakfast bar. Take off the existing top and replace it with something that does have room for legs. If you can't match the kitchen counters, something contrasty would be fine in my opinion. (I think height of your current stools remains an issue....)

Least budget option: breakfast bar 2.0: Take out all existing countertops, reduce the ledge wall, new counter is just the kitchen counter extended over the now lower ledge wall. In this option I think you can reuse your existing stools, but you probably want to redo both sides of counter.

Novel Ideas For Pseudo Breakfast Bar? Good Questions
4/17/13 11:29 AM

Like both of your ideas, but feel the round ottoman is just too big. A smaller round ottoman or the cubes would work. Either way, the "coffee table" can convert to additional seating and dual functionality is a great thing in small spaces.

Other things to think about:
Can you move the sofa a bit to the left, ie, away from the wing chair? These two pieces feel like they are jammed together in the photos making that corner of the room feel congested.
Do you need such a large dining table? Don't like that it's jammed up against the wall and not sure why there are 3 chairs on the photographer's side of it...? A smaller round table would be my choice. Get one with leaves if you throw dinner parties.

Coffee Table Style & Size for Small Space? Good Questions
4/16/13 12:02 PM

I know you said you want to keep both couches, but I feel like they are what is clogging up your room. Have you played with furniture arrangement? Could the sofas be arranged facing each other?

Are you open to painting the woodwork? That would make it less claustrophobic also.

And finally, a simpler, sleeker light fixture would help.

Tips to Brighten My Living Room? Good Questions
4/11/13 10:13 AM

Agree with other posters that this could be a fab lodge/scandinavian/60s-70s kinda room.

When buying big pieces of furniture, I would stay with neutrals in the brown/taupe/warm grey familiy as you will be more likely to be able to re-use them should your domicile change, or you just want to szoosh the room.

For accents, I think a blue or a blue derivative (blue green, or bluish purple) would help as an antedote to all the orange/red that's going on with the paneling and brick.

Good luck!

Help with Decor For Wood-Paneled Living Room? Good Questions
4/11/13 10:01 AM

Cute apartment...and weird how the sunny-ness of the window side of the room dosn't quite make it to the couch side...

Is it in the budget to reupholster your couch? Not crazy about that color. If so, I think something in the teal family--like but not exactly the same as your drapes--would be a good choice.

I would also paint at least the wall behind the couch a different color. I think you could go for a warm white (Benjamin Moore Atrium White is a favorite and it looks good everywhere, imho) or you could go for something in the teal family.

A couple of other things: i don't think the map over the sofa is enough. Maybe add a couple of smaller prints on either side of it, and/or develop it into more of a gallery wall. Whatever you put up there needs to compete with those big bright windows directly opposite, and right now it's not.

Also, I feel like the lamp on the TV credenza feels misplaced to me. Too tall....? Or something? Not sure what I don't like about it, but I don't like it where it is now.

Wall Color for Cold-Feeling Chicago Apartment? Good Questions
4/5/13 05:01 PM

There was an AT post less than a week ago about not placing a TV above a fireplace. The angle is bad...like sitting in the front row at the movies.

To make the fireplace a focal point you could hang a nice piece of art there, find a cool shiny brass or chrome grate, or, ahem, light a fire there. Putting a chair over there would also be an option, but I don't like the idea of a piece of furniture that is so big/heavy that it "blocks" the sliders just to the right of the fireplace.

I think the best choice for the TV is the "left" side wall depicted in the plan. Float the sofa in the middle of the room directly facing the TV. This will also create a "hallway" behind the sofa for the door in the upper right hand corner of the plan. (is that your front door?)

Ideas for Making Corner Fireplace the Focal Point? Good Questions
4/5/13 04:47 PM

I love Rucy's approach: get in this trap and you get out of here alive.

I like the old fashioned traps with the spring. Put them wherever you've seen evidence of the mice. Or heard them. Agree with those who've highlighted the problem of the dead mouse decomposing and smelling in some inaccessible place in your house.

As for disinfecting, I think what you're doing/have done is sufficient. The residual smell of the bleach may be a deterrent in the short term. Obviously, you probably want to discard any food they've gotten into.

The main thing to remember is: if you remove their food source, they will go away. Once they find a food source, they can be pretty ingenious at getting into it; you may need to put all dry food into glass or airtight plastic containers.

Remember that food includes trash and dirty dishes. Wash dishes immediate after each meal and take trash out every night, if possible. If taking trash out every night isn't possible, you can do as I do and freeze trash that includes traces of food (dirty tin foil, bones, etc) in airtight containers and then dump them on trash day.

If you live in a multi-family dwelling, your problem may be a whole-building or whole neighborhood thing. In other words, they will continue traveling through your home to get to the food upstairs.

Good luck!

What To Do with Mouse in the House? Good Questions
4/5/13 04:29 PM

Part of what makes this kitchen "work" is the repetition: the clear jars, the row of wire baskets, the heart cups, the grey-n-black cups. Very nice!

A Kitchen To Help Entertain a Crowd
Kitchen Spotlight

4/3/13 04:19 PM


Before & After: Disguising Offset Windows Behind a Bed
4/1/13 02:24 PM

Hello. How giant is giant? I am part Norwegian and I am ALL for merging to create a decorating scheme that reflects all inhabitants of a space. This flag is problematic, though, for a variety of reasons:

- Red white and blue: In the USofA, making this color combination a focal point is going to be jingoistic, in my opinion.

- The cross: Nothing against people of faith, but I would have a problem with a cross that big in my living room.

- Dorm-roominess: Flags are the go-to for male dorm room decoration.

I like a lot of the ideas others have suggested and would add:
- Distress it. I like the idea of the flag having patina...begin frayed, yellowed and /or having fold marks.
- Combine it with other objects/art for a lodgy, clubby, preppy look. Consider using antlers, taxidermy (faux on those), old audubon prints, etc etc etc.

As for tips for decorating the fits you both: find common ground and work from there. The flag is not common ground. Common ground would be a color you agree on, a place that you both agree is beautiful, a piece of art you buy together, etc.

How Can We Compromise on Decorating (While Incorporating a Norwegian Flag)? Good Questions
3/27/13 11:23 AM

Terry is right. Blocking a door like that, even if you do not use the door, gives inhabitants of the room a trapped feeling. Kinda like the crazy old person who blocks the windows and doors with big furniture.

Is there anywhere else the couch can go?

To answer your question: yes the heat from that wall heater will over time wear the fabric on your couch.

Will the Wall Heater Ruin My Fabric Couch? Good Questions
3/20/13 11:44 AM

Agree with those who have suggested moving the connection.

If not, hardware stores have little u-shaped clips that you can use to tack the cords along the baseboard. Also like that cord-saver thing although I think I'd trip over it too... Better to have the cords at the edges of the room, even if you have to buy longer cords.

How Can I Hide Unsightly Cords Coming From One Room Into Another? Good Tech Questions
3/20/13 11:39 AM