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2-5 times / month. in addition to the good tips in the post, and seconding the "signature beverage" comment (better to have a pitcher of one good drink than try to mix a diff drink for each guest), what also helps are:
- big galvanized bucket for beers and sodas/sparkling water (keep on hand in pantry from costco!)
- cooking family style. casseroles are awesome (shepherd's pie or a baked ziti in the winter, paella or pasta salad in the summer).
- for meals on the fly, grill meat & veggies and serve pita bread from the store as a carb. 1-2 awesome pesto / chimicurra/ salsa will unify the menu and give it a punch
- ask guests to bring the dessert (sorbets or ice cream bars for a simple meal)
- 'parlor games' also great for conversation, rules need not be strictly adhered to (ie "death is not an option")

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