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I have a strong opinion, that of the first three photos, only the first feels like what I envision a modern craftsman would look like (from the architectural standpoint- not decor). However, when I try and comment on 2 and 3, I note that I see them as a Mc Mansion form and an ideal modern gable form respectively, wrapped in craftsman skin or details. In saying this, I've indirectly asserted that "contemporary craftsman" must maintain a craftsman form (low pitched roofs, horizontal lines, deep eaves, the front porch...) Architecture is not soley defined by form-- should one instead take principles of craftsman design: "locally handcrafted wood, glass, and metal work creating objects that were both simple and elegant" (wikipedia)? Or maybe it is inspired by comfort for the family and house life? Or a combo? I'd look to modern artisans in wood, glass and metal (mostly wood) to see their forms and how that might be reinterpreted in a home.

What Is Contemporary Craftsman Style?
10/13/11 08:47 PM

This is August 1st so I doubt ppl will catch this, but there are a few more factors at play. The observation that the front yard is a vestige of our pastoral longings/desire for a mini estate seems to be a big factor, and that it's a vestige of play space for children who are now regulated to the backyard, instead of playing with others in the neighborhood in the front yard. So we've got that the front yard is somewhat of a "holdover" but does this make planners wrong to have a setback requirement? No- setbacks are not just for lawns but for ensuring that streets and homes are well lit by--- the SUN. It's fine to argue against the lawn itself- but the setbacks are necessary and really differ amongst communities even today. A new suburb on old farmland made from scratch will often create a "faux downtown" with smaller set backs, then mandate larger set backs further away from the center, and even larger setbacks on main roads for safey, emergency vehicles etc. In cities with narrow streets, bay windows and overhangs, setbacks differ depending on which story of the building you're on.

The Case Against the American Front Lawn
8/2/11 03:50 PM

Go for a bright saturated blue- either glossy cobalt or a flatter turquoise if you want something to pop. Glossy Black is more traditional-- with brass hardware. A red door on a red brick house is tough unless you have a substantial amount of trim around the door (paint it white if using red door). I'd keep the shutters, otherwise you'll lose the only "architectural" interest you have. Note you should work the trim into your color scheme-- as well as your roof.

Color Suggestions For Front Door & Shutters?
Good Questions

7/11/11 01:32 PM

I remember Breuners, just like Debs805, in the late 80s and through the 90s, they carried what I'd consider nice stuff like Drexel Heritage. They had everything from furniture through a full selection of mattresses. Bankrupt in the mid 2000s.

History Of Breuner's Furniture Company?
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6/14/11 06:33 PM

We actually started keeping a guest book when my roommates and I got our new apartment. We felt our home looked a bit like a library and went searching for an old fashioned looking bound book. Eventually we found a lovely hardcover journal on etsy with an old map of San Francisco as the cover. It's been great writing our favorite quotes and having guests leave a message. My vote is that any book with blank pages will do!

Let's Bring Back by Lesley M. M. Blume
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1/10/11 05:47 PM

Love the collection- can anyone source that bench or something similar for cheap? I've been looking for months!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Yoshihiro's Bird Roost Bungalow Los Angeles
7/27/09 04:54 PM

In defense of the chopper-
(a) great for arthritis ppl (not like I have it but I get it)
(b) it will chop most anything into tiny bits- kinda like a (shock!) food processor for dry stuff (so if you don't have a good processor (which are quite cumbersome and use electricity) this is a great option-- nuts are typically what i use it for (find it perfect for nuts for coating cookies)
(c) Ever not want your hands to smell like garlic or onion- this is a nice option
(d) Imagine you have to cook for around 20 ppl, or have lots of stuffing during the holidays to make- getting one of these or the alligator style onion chopper that shoves and onion through a great is worth the time it takes to chop a ton of stuff. You'll eat up less time and be more relaxed socializing.

And the spoon rest is kinda nice- usually a fun artistic statement.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The 10 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets
7/24/09 11:55 AM

FYI-the second picture is of "Sava Pool" by
Mark Cavagnero Associates & Paulett Taggart Architects. It won a Citation award. Cathedral of Light looks, well, different- and can be seen on the AIA site, as well as from various places on Lake Merrit.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AIA San Francisco Design Awards 2009
3/11/09 09:31 PM

It's about an inspiring use of color! Not style, of which color is a part, but about using color! In new a different ways, combos, etc. The fireplace in #5 won me over: I never would have thought to put a blue strip along the bottom! It totally changes the weight and feeling of the fireplace!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Tiebreaker! Northwest #5 vs. #20 (Redux!) 30 minutes left
10/22/08 02:13 PM

Thank you for the recs! I'm definitely scouring living etc, and I would never ever have dreamed up the images in plastolux (super old world meets modern, but I loved that it CAN be done!) The paint has dried and we're almost at basic functionality! The decorating will start soon (and we'll let you know how it turned out, hopefully!)
Another fun resource (for those interested) we found cotemasion.fr

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Visual Resources for Modern/Victorian Mix?
9/8/08 09:02 AM

Addressing "pulled-together" get a theme going! It doesn't have to be cheesy, it doesn't have to cost a lot! If you picked a signature drink like sangria, instead of serving chips and dip, try the Spanish tomato bread (a crostini rubbed with tomato, instead of topped with). If you keep a theme in mind, you won't have any overtly disparate elements (decor, food, events, what have you)

Entertainment that lets people interact keeps it memorable. Better yet, have your peeps bring the entertainment: your friend who plays guitar? Another plays? Introduce 'em and tell them to bring their instruments? You have another who's wild about his croquet set? Invite people to bring activities.

Since to me, it's the people that really keep it memorable, the party's and hostess's job is to make sure those people are happy and can relax and mingle. The party just facilitates a good time (it isn't the good time)! (Hence why alcohol is so important- it facilitates relaxation and social interaction) Think about food, drink, and entertainment- but also about trash receptacles and layout! Don't put one table in the center of a site- it forces those without a seat to reach over others to get to your chili dip! Smaller groupings work well for large groups, force ppl to move around and interact while still providing a place for people to set down anchor. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Makes a Great Party?
8/14/08 02:14 PM