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This room is FANTASTIC! You should check out some of the indie shops on W. 25th by The West Side Market like RoomService and Salty Not Sweet for some cute onsies and baby gear once the little one comes. Many congrats from West Park!

A 'Cleveland Rocks' Nursery My Room
10/2/13 02:38 PM

I picked up a stove-top percolator. They are pretty cheap, easy to clean and store away or look cute on your stovetop. It takes up no counter space and is green (no filters!) Actually, I use mine daily but it's also great for when I have guests over. They get a kick out of it because it often reminds them of their parents/grandparents making coffee back in the day. The cups it brews are also fantastic which is what's really important.

Perfect Cups: How To Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/14/09 05:40 PM

I just moved into an apartment, sight-unseen, a month ago! Now, to the person who said they would never do it...sometime you have no choice. My boyfriend and I came to Chicago to look at places for an entire weekend, we even signed the papers on a wonderful place, then upon returning home we got the call from our agent that the place had already been rented through another agency. We had no choice but to rent via internet (that's an entire story in and of itself though). Our apartment looked nothing like the pictures made it appear. I was scared to death because our refrigerator is in our dining room! But we couldn't be happier in the apartment! And actually, the you don't even notice the fridge because it acts as a practical room divider. Sometimes you have no choice how you find your place. Just think of it as a bid adventure!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | AT On... Renting Sight Unseen (...Unheard, and Unfelt)
9/11/08 12:31 PM

I think I may have you all beat. In my first apartment ever I had loud sex/mail-order-bride upstairs, guy with lung cancer next door who sadly I could hear cough until he vomited several times a day ( I have a very VERY weak was not good), the 'pot neighbor' in the front downstairs and directly below me they had a 2 year old and an upright piano that they taught piano lessons their master bedroom...and I worked 3rd shift so I couldn't really tell them to keep it down durring the day while I slept. I couldn't wait for that year-lease to be up!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Neighbors Project Blog
8/14/08 12:17 PM

I'm sad my boyfriend and I missed the block party. )c: We will be moving to Rogers Park tomorrow (and I'm online wasting time instead of packing). Just thought I would leave a comment to say 'nice to meet you neighbor'.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Having a Summer Block Party?
8/14/08 12:07 PM