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I CAN'T express how much i ADORE your home. I live in an extremely small box-like studio apt in NYC and see much of my decor style reflected in your home-- while I'm constantly aware of sources of inspiration, now I will look to your slideshow for ultimate inspiration!
Thank you, it's absolutely beautiful!

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10/7/08 06:17 PM

i suggest you travel to with an extra ATM card JUST IN CASE (ask someone you trust IE; a relative to bring their ATM card with you) ...i 've heard stories where a European ATM machine eats your card up and you are stuck w/o one!

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8/21/08 12:57 PM

i think its a bit tacky, but im all for individulity...So if you like it, go for it!! Besides, faux brick doesn't have to be meant as an attempt to pass for real brick-- it can be ironic and quirky!

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8/14/08 09:33 AM