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Great service.

Got the "Gold" package to pick up a Pax Vikedal wardrobe mirror (to use as simply a wall mirror - highly recommended! I got an 8 foot mirror for $100!). I was worried my creative usage for the wardrobe door was going to get me into trouble, but Eric was up for the challenge of hanging it on my wall once we made it back to my apartment.

He hiked that huge mirror up 6 flights of stairs to my bitch-ass 7-floor walk-up and THEN he went back down to run out and get the proper wall brackets at the local hardware store in like 5 minutes flat.

Before I knew it he had his electric screw driver out and suddenly I had a gorgeous mirror on the wall. How'd he do that?!

Long story short: Eric was punctual, efficient, knowledgeable about Ikea products/installation and a good driver with a positive attitude, to boot!

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA Pickup Delivery by Eric
8/12/08 04:17 PM