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Is this the same idea as the "Watering Globes" I see in infomercials? Or something different?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Self Watering Tomato Plants
7/6/09 02:00 PM

I like how this looks from far away (first picture) but am not sure about up close. Seems like it could get kind of messy as they start peeling off.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Look! Dried Leaves as Wall Decor
7/1/09 04:09 PM

This is like many Midwestern yards. I'm glad you are happy with it, but I agree with meleslecky - it should not be on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | My Great Outdoors: Jessimarie's Big Backyard
6/29/09 07:52 PM

I love this! Great job! I'm not usually a fan of wicker, but this set up looks good, and the colors compliment the brick. I like the stainless steel planters as well. (I like what I can see of the inside of your house - you should post pictures of the rest of it!) The only change I would make would be the accent/throw pillows - they seem to cheapen the look of the rest of the seating. (Go bigger, bolder!) Great job overall!!

Apartment Therapy DC | My Great Outdoors: Eric & Christina's Atlanta Loft Balcony#comments#comments
6/24/09 08:59 PM

I like the cabinet as well! Also, there is something about this picture that makes you just want to keep looking at all of the details!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | One Mega-Organized Kitchen
6/24/09 08:53 PM

These are not uncommon. I just saw "food tents" at Target today. I also have to agree with Classic CC-40's comment above.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Mesh Dome Plate Covers for Outdoor Dining
6/19/09 04:01 PM

I had to check out the comments to see if anyone else was freaked out by this - glad to see I'm not the only one. The idea of the pulley system is cool, but snooping (or "peeking") in people's windows is not.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Hanging Plants on Pulleys
6/17/09 03:56 PM

I currently do not pay for cable/satellite tv/netflix or a video game online subscription. I utilize my local library for DVDs, ane also can find the cable tv shows I want to watch online for free. I only have the basic landline service (for the days when I work at home and am on conference calls - it's easier to use the speakerphone on it, and also I have previously gotten a better rate by combining it with DSL service than stand alone). I may check again into the cost difference of removing it - I don't WFH very often. I suppose if I was extremely tight on money (and still had none of the above), I would ditch the internet, as I could use it at the library. Cell phone would be the last thing to get rid of.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Which Home Technology Service Would You Cut First?
6/13/09 09:07 AM

I looked at this post a couple of times, thinking I must be missing something. I have to agree with the others - this could be any house in the Midwest and is not at all unique.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spotted: Painted Wood Exterior Stairs! Austin
9/4/08 06:19 PM

Barcelona Cool. I was shocked at how accurate it was!

Apartment Therapy New York | What's Your Style?: My Deco Style Survey Boston
8/27/08 02:32 PM