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Overall I like the new look, and I will continue to come back no matter what you do, but I gotta say...
I'd prefer to have all the content noted on the Main page and not have to dig around. Digging around requires that I already know what I'm interested in reading about, and often it works the other way around: A tagline looks intriguing and when I follow it I find something I never even thought about!

If I have to go to all the different areas to see what's there, well... how is that different (to the reader) than having separate websites?

Welcome to Apartment Therapy 3.0!
1/10/12 01:18 PM

Can you tell me more about hardwax oil? I've had waxed wood floors for years and have never heard of this product... and looking at my floors (she said sheepishly) I'm thinking it might be helpful in some areas.

How To Care for a Wax Floor Finish
9/21/11 01:57 PM

Are those thumbnail photos supposed to be links? They're not working for me.

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2/10/11 12:11 PM

Okay, we've gotten very quiet here.

Supershy-- how are things going with your house and the repairs and the insurance people, etc?

Ashley-- I looked at your blog, and flickr pictures. I am impressed and inspired by your energy and focus.

I am not managing to stay on task as far as the overall Cure, but I have been busting up a few energy logjams and cleaning some areas that usually sort of stick their tongue out at me :-) Also, have been getting flowers, cooking at home which is not unusual for me but I'm doing it more. Haven't deep-cleaned the floors but am sweeping and vacuuming the main areas more regularly-- I have two big dogs and a roommate who seems to deposit a layer of dirt wherever he goes so this is an important thing.

I've got a long way to go, but I'm already feeling better.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Austin
4/5/09 09:30 PM

I am always, it seems in the process of decluttering, organizing, fixing up, and yet I never seem to get anything completely done. My hope/intention is that doing this along with all the other folks across the country will keep me better focused and motivated.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Spring Cure 2009: Discussion Board I Austin
3/20/09 02:02 PM

There's an easier way to do that double fold at the edge. Rather than folding 1/4" twice, make the first fold at 1/2" from the edge. Then on the second pass, fold the cut edge under to meet the crease of the first fold.

Turning a half-inch at the edge of fabric is much easier than a quarter-inch because the extra width gives more stability to the area you're working on.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Make Your Own Cloth Napkins -- With Zero Sewing Skills
9/12/08 10:38 AM

This is kind of off on a tangent, but... to all the commenters who think all of these folks are being superstitious and that clearing only works because a person believes it works: do you pray?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Should I Buy a Home Where a Murder Took Place?
9/11/08 07:05 PM