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Okay, my friend Linda and her boyfriend got a great deal on a house in a great neighborhood that also happened to be the scene of a notorious Omaha murder in the 70s. It had really gone to pot and the current tenants were freaky squatter crackheads, but the bones were wonderful and it was a steal.
Actually, her boyfriend went to the house to look at a car, and the guy living there offered to sell him the house at a bargain basement price (the other houses in the neighborhood are in the $2-300,000 range, large and well kept, it's next to a beautiful park).
The realtor was legally bound to disclose, but Linda claims she didn't know until after she signed the papers and it was too late. She was totally creeped out the week they moved in, tried to do a space clearing with sage but still couldn't sleep, scary dreams etc. so she called me (my mom is into the real 'woo-woo' stuff and knows a lot of interesting people) to see if I knew someone who could "cleanse" the house. Of course I did.
The medium (Priya) came and took several hours to speak to/release the spirit of the young murdered woman, (a young nursing student who was bludgeoned to death on the stairway) whose soul was still confusedly hanging around the house, helped her "go to the light" and things were immediately much better. It's interesting that the man who murdered her got the death penalty and was killed as well quite a few years ago. They had to call Priya back and have her come in again to get rid of his spirit too. Their take on it now, validated by Priya, was that they were "chosen" to purchase the house because they WERE the type of people who would take action to release the two souls that were bound the the property and hadn't passed correctly. Geez, do I sound like John Edward or what?
All I know is, the house is lovely and bright and the energy feels great now. They've remodeled it from top to bottom over three years and haven't had any more incidents or creepy feelings.
Granted this is going to sound totally crazy to a lot of people but who cares? My advice, find a good medium you trust and have them come scope the property (free, of course) and listen to what they have to say. Then let your inner guidance be the final word.

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I am simply mad for this house! It reminds me of the houses that the Peanuts gang were always shown way back in back in the early days of the strip, when Sally and Linus were babies. Great job!

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