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But rain or not - it is a lovely improvement.

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/18/14 10:23 AM

Our covered lanai gets absolutely soaked if the wind hits the right angle. Even through the screens. I wondered how they kept everything protected as well.

Before & After: Big Box Store No More
7/18/14 10:22 AM

I loved living alone. Now that I have a husband and three kids I sometimes joke that I need to get my own place.

Living with someone doesn't mean that there will always be someone there to help. I've had two c-sections and when the doctor said, "don't drive for 6 weeks" I just privately rolled my eyes. My husband had to go to work. My family lived no where near me. When you have three kids the idea of not driving somewhere is impossible.

5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
7/17/14 09:45 AM

I just tried and I have no clue where they get their information. We had a walk score of 25. WHAT? We walk or take our bikes everywhere! We have sidewalks and bike paths to the kids' schools, three grocery stores, an outdoor mall, endless restaurants and countless other stores. You can literally go from PreK to getting a BA without leaving our neighborhood.
It also listed the nearest park as one that doesn't even exist and completely ignored the one less than a mile from our home.
I guess taking a nice tree lined stroll on the sidewalk to head to the pool or grab something at the deli doesn't count for walkability.

Location, Location, Location: Things to Beware of When Moving to a New Neighborhood Renters Solutions
7/17/14 09:23 AM

I love the recycled plastic park benches that a lot of the theme parks use because they stay cooler in the hot sun. I just wish that the decking material wasn't so expensive. I would love to replace our wooden deck that burns the bottom of your feet even with the light paint color we chose.

Netherlands Plans to Build Floating Parks from Plastic Litter Design News
7/17/14 09:06 AM

I am curious about the nets. How do they catch plastic (especially the tiny pieces they are concerned about) without catching (and killing) the fish? I was hoping there would be more information on this.

Netherlands Plans to Build Floating Parks from Plastic Litter Design News
7/17/14 09:04 AM

So basically this post is stating that I never realized that I couldn't live without being extremely lazy.

The Home Tech Upgrade You Didn't Know You Can't Live Without Décorview
7/16/14 01:00 PM

Ours has a turtle living in it. Does that count as summer fun?

Cheap Summer Fun: 10 Alternative Uses for Your Plastic Kiddie Pool
6/17/14 04:59 PM

The best towels I have ever owned were two I picked up at a street market booth in London. They are almost 25 years old now and still look new. If I could find the same towels again I would buy them in a heartbeat.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Towels
6/14/14 12:59 PM

I always made sure each child had a bag (separate from luggage) that their "extra" stuff went into. Whether it be snacks, a book, toys, etc. On a plane it was a backpack, in the car we use a larger tote.

This helped each child keep track of their things and eliminated the, "where is my?" question that would otherwise pop up.

10 Tips for Planning a Road Trip with Small Children
6/14/14 12:52 PM

What a big difference!

Before & After: A Quick & Simple Update for an Outdated Bookcase
6/14/14 12:46 PM

I absolutely love when they show the outside of a place. I wish they would do it more often.
Adorable place - I wish there was a shot of the backyard!

Katie's Charming Venice Beach Bungalow House Tour
6/14/14 12:41 PM

If I had lugged this much to the beach each time we went, we would never have gone. A hat is a necessity for a baby IMHO. It keeps the sun off their (generally) bald heads and keeps it out of their eyes as well.

I always had a sheet for baby to sit on but my kids always crawled off of it immediately. Sand is far more fun.

Essentials for Taking Your Baby Beachside
6/9/14 03:38 PM

That window in the bathroom is wonderful.

If you ever come home and that rug is not there - it wasn't me. Really.

Laura's Sunny Studio Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 03:28 PM


Vina's Minimal Impact on the Earth Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 03:24 PM

I also think I had the only kids that hated being swaddled. Even my preemie hated it. They would cry and wiggle around like crazy trying to get undone. The second I would unswaddle them they would relax and fall asleep.

Worthy Splurge, Baby Edition: Five Infant Products Worth Every Penny
5/21/14 09:45 AM

Wraps didn't work for us here in Florida either. The kids sweated up against us. (And my children were all born in the winter.) They hated it.

Worthy Splurge, Baby Edition: Five Infant Products Worth Every Penny
5/21/14 09:41 AM

We don't have a home phone or cable. And yes I have 3 children. And no, no one has missed it in the slightest. And no, it wasn't a "aren't we brave and wonderful?" experience all of the ridiculous articles on the subject make it out to be.

Our cells are basic - nope no one in house has a smart phone. Nope - not even the teens. And guess what? No one cares. They do have iPods for networking with friends and we don't have to worry about the data usage.

I don't get manicures or pedicures. Nope. Not ever. Not my thing. I also cut my own hair. The last time I had someone else cut it was 4 years ago (and it was 5 before that) and she did a horrid job.

I don't drink insanely priced coffee that comes in a paper cup. Neither does my husband. Occasionally one of us will get a gift card for one of these places and we usually wind up regifting it. I don't see the hype.

We very rarely see movies at the theatre. Things come out on DVD so quickly nowadays we can certainly wait. And I would much rather see it at home without someone talking behind me anyway. $1.20 Redbox rental (or Netflix which is a yearly Christmas gift from my in-laws) is a whole lot cheaper. Sometimes I take the two youngest to the drive-in because they love it. Not the best screen quality of course (even if it is digital) but they love the novelty. And it costs $5 for a double feature of the same things showing at the regular movie theatre.

Things we do pay extra for:

My kids do have activities they are involved in. And if anyone has had to pay band "fair share" fees they will know how much it can cost. But on the flip side, we also don't have to pay for music lessons.

We also buy theme park passes every year. (We live in Florida.) This year we picked Universal. One of us gets the higher priced ticket that pays for parking and discounts on other things. The others get the cheapest passes with blackout dates. The blackout dates are during times when the park is the most crowded so we would never go during those times anyway.

It really just depends on how people prioritize. Some people have different ideals on what they want to spend money on than others.

Real Life On A Budget: Alison's Money Saving Tips & Ideas
5/21/14 09:27 AM

My mother used to cover every light switch in the house with coordinating wallpaper back in the 70's. When I was young it seemed silly. Now I realize she was just ahead of her time.

DIY on a Budget: 10 Mod Podge Projects
5/21/14 08:48 AM

I love the long kitchen counter top. Very rare in a small space.

Sandy's Cozy Copenhagen Home Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 08:18 AM