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Is this home really this wide and spacious? Looks like they may be playing camera tricks with the lens.

Before & After: The Best Little Bungalow on the Block Professional Project
8/31/13 08:31 PM

So much beauty!!! Amazing job. BUT, the tiles in the kitchen would have to go. They look gross to me and just the thought of their past...yikes

Before & After: From Public Restroom to Home Sweet Home The Telegraph
7/22/13 10:52 PM

Oops, sorry I misspelled your name.

Sofia’s DIY Garden Apartment in Brooklyn House Tour
7/21/13 11:34 PM

Sophia I am speechless. Your home is amazing. You should quit your day job immediately and making banking your hobby. LOL. Will be following you on FB for sure.

Sofia’s DIY Garden Apartment in Brooklyn House Tour
7/21/13 11:33 PM

I was so ready to HATE everything about this house. Nothing about this is my style, yet I wanted to come and visit immediately and stay for a while. What an fabulous job you have done. Granny would be proud. The rooms are decorated beautifully without any clutter. Colorful but still grown up and felt modern for some reason. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.

Gail & Chil's \"Dead Grandmother\" Style House Tour
7/13/13 08:47 PM

I LOVE your home!! Simple, Clean, Interesting and so much more....

Neeza & Pierre's Wildly Unique
Amsterdam Abode House Tour

5/12/13 08:22 PM

To keep my laptop from over heating while using directly on a bed or couch, I put about 6 long pencils underneath the laptop. This allows air to flow between the laptop and the bed or couch.

If You Simply Must Work from Bed:
5 Comfortable Solutions

5/3/13 01:33 AM

Your space is beautiful. Like the mixture of refined and nature. Like that it is clean and not full of too much vintage flea market stuff. Your view is AMAZING.

Stacy & Christoph's Classic San Francisco Hilltop Home House Tour
4/30/13 05:11 AM

WOW, jealous and rude comments. Your kitchen/patio is so amazing!! Love all the light and clean feel of the bedrooms. Lucky you, Lucky you.

Brad & Julie's Sunny Modern Victorian House Tour
4/9/13 03:53 PM

I love this so much!!! Makes me want to relax and take a happy nap.

Thomas & Stephanie's Comfortably Modern Home House Tour
3/8/13 12:43 AM

LOL Sai you tell them!!!! That was a great response. Even when something is not my style, I still enjoy a view into someones home that is so different from mine.
Your style is very different than what we usually see on APT. Something different is always nice to experience.

Sai's Glam Girl Pad House Tour
1/28/13 08:58 PM

While I don't buy a whole lot from IKEA, it is a very fun place to visit and find interesting affordable things to incorporate into you little tiny cheap apt, your NYC condo, your 3 bedroom suburban ranch home and everything in between. Please people, stop being design snobs. It is all about style and creativity, not where you get the stuff from.

IKEA 2013 Catalog Preview: Stylists' Design Ideas Worth Stealing
7/22/12 10:06 PM

I am a woman and I would LOVE to live here. We don't all want to live in a pink world of girly boho/shabby chic.

Ron's Perfectly Suited FiDi FlatHouse Tour
7/4/12 07:21 PM

Nicely done and you don't seem like a hippy girl to me. lol

Sarah's Warm Bohemian Home
House Tour

7/2/12 11:26 PM

Stunning! But I can't believe that this is on 475sq ft. Has to be a typo.

Mark's Delightful (and Delicious!)
West Village HomeHouse Tour

7/2/12 11:18 PM

Love this place. Doesn't feel cold to me at all. Looks lived in without a bunch of little junk all over the place and not everyone needs to display all their family members throughout the home. The colors are warm and cozy to me. The graphics on the wall not my favorite but still nice (maybe just too much for me). Only think I would have added for myself are fresh flowers.

Great job!!

Kevin's Cool, Collected Studio Cocktail House Tour
6/28/12 10:23 PM

FYI colors are not gender specific. So sick of blue for boys and pink for girls. Who made up these silly rules?

I am really enjoying all these comments. Someone needs to put together a coffee table book on this subject.

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/21/12 12:23 AM

Hate chopped pillows, anything with a rooster on it, his and her towels,stenciled words on walls, empty frames,"Faith, Friends and Family" signs. I really hate these things. lol

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/21/12 12:08 AM

Oh people, stop being so so critical about home owners personal design choices. It is their house and they can do what they want.

Dina's Vibrant and Eclectic Home House Tour
6/13/12 11:36 PM

OMG, some of you are CRAZY! Why all the hate because of someone's large home? Please go have a drink.

The Roeders' Modern Life is Beautiful House Tour
6/9/12 12:21 AM