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There are a couple outlets in the floor and that is where the power for the arco lamp comes from.

The metal and glass containers are... uh.. either cost plus world market or Ikea... pretty sure cost plus.

We keep the windows open most of the time. Yeah it is like living in a fishbowl. We've all got the same parts so nobody should be too shocked to see me in my underware holding a cup of coffee!

The builder was Darryl Erlandson http://stumpenergy.com/home/

The architect was Brian White: http://www.architecturew.com/

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5/5/11 03:12 PM

Boooo, so little water for $450. I agree with the previous posters, in any urban environment you can obtain 50 gallon barrels for FREE, add a spigot for... say $10 and you now have saved $440 and you've recycled a barrel which makes you more greener than the "hog"

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8/10/08 09:08 PM