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Thawing is the tricky part - watch it! I just had to serve a mushy carrot cake last week b/c I didn't thaw it properly! It was more like carrot pudding. Oh well. Next time I'll know!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Quick Tip: Freeze Pre-Baked Cakes
4/21/09 03:36 AM

i slept on a bed with wheels once. not fun. the slightest move made the whole bed move. no headboard had my pillow sliding down between the bed and wall an awful lot.

if you can manage those problems, should be good. it does look cool.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Platform Bed with Wheels?
3/11/09 11:44 AM

do the little loops around the dowels allow the elephant to stay up when you roll the toy? or does he fall forward? It's darling and I love it, but I'm confused if it's actually a toy or just decor?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Amy Butler Little Stitches for Little Ones Entry #1: Happy Elephant Pull Toy
9/18/08 01:36 AM

OK, quit with the touting of "look at Europe" - you know with a minimum of 19% tax on stuff it's no wonder people buy the smallest cars possible.

And with energy here in Germany at least 4x the price in the US (more if we opt for sustainable energy sources) you can darn well bet we fight for flats with a balcony so we can air dry the laundry.

Did anybody stop to think that recycling takes up less landfill space, and where land is $$$$$$ (plus tax) - in countries that are smaller than most US states of course they're going to tell you to sort your trash (and fine you big time if you fail).

I'm sure there's some good will in there too but, as usual, it's all about the money folks!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | A Dwell Reader on Small HomesDwell: June 2008
6/17/08 05:40 AM

i was thinking the same thing Pinko - why not just hang peppermint tea bags (complete with string) -- anybody know how well this works?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Moth-Away Herbal Moth Repellent
6/17/08 04:47 AM

i just like how it degenerated to dusty cabbage patch doll collections - heeeee!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Gallery: Amy Stein's Domesticated Series
6/12/08 01:01 AM

Make sure your outdoor trash cans have tight lids or are covered by a bungee cord. I cannot tell you the heart attack I nearly had one night when I heard banging outside. The motion detector light went off and as I cautiously peeked out my 2nd floor bedroom window I looked down upon 5 massive raccoons having a party in the two big trash cans. (the light didn't deter them. I had to go downstairs and bang on the kitchen window to get them to run off!)

Know what wildlife is native to your neighborhood and prepare your home against it. Watch out for snakes down there. Growing up in NC we always had to watch out for copperheads - they're pretty bold!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Safety Tips For Living Alone?
6/12/08 12:54 AM

hippy skippy!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Eliphante Hippodome NYT House Home Roundup 1.31.08
5/30/08 12:37 AM

Hard water is very common in Europe and if you mention a water softner you may has well be the devil incarnate - cries of "those are so bad for the environment!" make you shrink in guilt.

That said - almost every soap (for dishwashers, clothes washers, shower gel and shampoos) talk about how they're good to use in hard water situations. I don't have a issue for the most part. I just hate breaking out the white vinegar concentrate to de-kalk the faucets and sinks/tubs. Makes the tub super slick so we had to buy a rubber mat thing.

unfortunately this doesn't help the US readers that much...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Soften Your Water?
5/30/08 12:32 AM

i think the SS Waverly should get one. hee

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Spinnaker Shower Curtain
5/29/08 12:48 AM

How not to hurt spiders, but keep them out of your home:

1 quart of vinegar 1 tablespoon warmed up coconut oil (asian grocery for cheaps) 1 tablespoon dishwashing soap (emulsifies the solution and keeps coconut oil from solidifying again) - swirl around, put in a spray bottle, and off you go!

I haven't sprayed IN my house, just all around the window and door frames outside. It lasts about 4 weeks or until a heavy rainstorm, and then needs a repeat spray. The amount of oil in the spray shouldn't cause damage, but the acid in the vinegar might. Test a small area first if you're concerned. Spiders won't cross the barrier, letting you keep your house to yourself.

I love this stuff!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Spider Family Moves In
5/27/08 01:21 PM

heh, make that THESE, seems I can't type either ; )

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: A Bomb Shelter in the HomeAT Washington DC
5/22/08 05:26 AM

aside from the fact that I, too, thought of the Fritzl case when seeing thise creepazoid pix....seriously! I'm laughing at the images of 'wineyards' across Switzerland. lol

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: A Bomb Shelter in the HomeAT Washington DC
5/22/08 05:25 AM

i want to know more about the 'digitized' floral wall treatment.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dream Rooms 2008: Trends, Details Ideas
5/22/08 05:22 AM

wow, I had no idea....I just thought everybody used their toothbrush or credit card type thing to get the last bit out.

I have better things to spend my money on.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Round-up: Toothpaste dispensers
5/20/08 07:29 AM

i just don't think it's smart to say the house is kid-friendly when you have stairs like that. or a pool with no fence.

just omit the phrase 'kid-friendly' from the article, no problem.

Apartment Therapy New York | Queens Modern New York Magazine 5.19.08
5/16/08 03:37 AM

which one has the red chandelier in it? i love it!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Cool Update: 18 and Counting...
5/16/08 03:32 AM

This is anything but a hammock. I wish I had a place to hang my hammock, but I don't - and you know? I actually want one of these for the effect of a soft footrest/chaise effect (not because I expect it to be anything like a hammock). I have the Bollo chair, but would rather use it with a comfier chair.

alas, I've looked at two different Ikeas and not seen it among all the other Sommar stuff.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | IKEA DYNING Chair Pad With Foot Rest
5/13/08 04:00 AM

I just think the fabric over the bed must be a dust factory. I agree w/pp who says the decor looks a little college-esque. I think they're probably very fun people to be able to call friends.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF House Tour: Gehry and Lanya's Life Meets Art
5/7/08 05:48 AM

the Decor8 blog did a post on these guys a couple weeks ago - I just love seeing them again - so nice and springy! It makes me really wish I had a big enough patio for a fun shade umbrella!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Patio Umbrellas by WW Co.
5/6/08 07:08 AM