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We can supply this tile at a lower cost but generally the larger the job, the lower the cost per tile. We ship all over the world and this is a universal age-old pattern. It goes by different names at the different tile factories. We like it because it is a well balanced pattern and generally liked by everyone and N. Americans are so concerned with re-sale !
Thanks, Lundy at Villa Lagoon Tile

Black Lucifer Encaustic Tile
3/21/14 12:05 PM

We would be delighted to furnish tiles like the ones in your photos to both American and European clients. In fact, people can pick their own colors and patterns. Play around with our < href="" >Tile Design Tool , it is really fun.
Thanks, Lundy at Villa Lagoon Tile

Beautiful Red Kitchen from Hacker (With Cement Tiles from Azule)EuroCucina 2012
4/19/12 05:39 PM

Yipee ! Thanks for showing our tiles in your cool bathroom ! The Patchwork has been a big hit for people with small spaces who want to take the emphasis off the small size or for places like laundry rooms just to bring is some cheer.
Thanks Lynette,
Lundy & Dave
Villa Lagoon Tile

Lynette & Cameron's Two Story Loft
House Call

7/12/11 04:49 PM

We love it too !! The whole wall effect is so seldom seen in the States, it is refreshing to see these photos.
We can ship in-stock patterns quickly, and do totally unique custom tiles as well. The color choices are huge. The Sept.2010 issue of This Old House magazine/web listed us as the resource for Cement Tile for backsplashes recently. We were very pleased. Thx, Lundy at
Villa Lagoon Tile

Cuban Tile-Inspired Backsplashes
9/14/10 09:48 AM

You can order directly from us, we ship everywhere. If it is an in-stock tile, we can get it there quickly. If a custom order, lead time varies. Thx, Lundy at Villa Lagoon Tile
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Tile Vault: Cuban Cement Tiles
9/14/10 09:43 AM

We call it Geo-2 and it is available in custom colors made to order. You can also see a NY kitchen done in this tile design.
Black,White and Grey 3-D Block Tiles<a/>
See photos.

Good Questions: How to Achieve this Tile Effect? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/10/10 04:19 PM

If you look closely at the border tile near the wood in the bathroom photo, you will see why it is very important to stay right with your tile layers as they install your patterned cement tile. I just had about 6 rooms covered in cement tile last week and even tho I was onsite the whole time, I almost missed several screw-ups and in one instance, a wrong solid color got installed outside a bordered tile rug. Half of it was done before I saw it. But as luck would have it, the color looks OK, so no big deal. I like it.

I also tried to pull each and every tile out of the boxes myself and look for any I wanted to 'cull' . Occasionaly a cement tile gets made w/ the colors in the wrong place, or one gets put in the wrong box. Or the color is smeared or just plain 'off'. You are lucky if your tile layer watches and catches those. Most don't or can't. (Remember that many men are color blind!)

But the point is, tile layers are basically interested in one thing, getting tile on that floor as fast as possible. So with complicated designs, stay with them and supervise.

You can see my new cement tile floors at

Apartment Therapy Boston | TileVault: More Cement Tile Inspiration Boston#comments
12/20/08 06:58 PM

Perfect for the coast...really , anywhere. I have seen them overseas & I think they are called Cuban Tile in FL. Now we can order them for projects here :o)
Love these designs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Tile Vault: Villa Lagoon
8/9/08 02:40 PM