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I always cook for my family when I go down. My mom is still recovering from chemo, and is still nowhere near up to cooking for such a large group. Also, she's had to stop work for the time being, so she's on a VERY limited income. I always try to bring down at least one thing to put in her freezer (like homemade bread and chicken soup) and to make a massive amount of really healthy food while we're there. And we always bring our own ingredients. That way, she doesn't have to stress about money to feed everybody, and I get to do just a little to help her out even after I've gone back home because she has all the leftovers in her freezer. Also, it means that my 2-year-old daughter eats the good food she's used to, and doesn't get used to the sugary pre-packaged stuff my mom buys to have on hand if we aren't going to cook.

Do You Cook For Family When You Visit?
7/9/11 02:27 PM

First, a doormat.
After that, I'd put some flowers climbing those railings. I'm guessing that the stones to the right in your pic are there for necessary drainage purposes, and in that case, I'd put a pot on the step in front of each railing and start some clematis climbing up each side.

How To Decorate A Stoop?
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5/3/11 12:30 PM

It's also worth noting that soybeans contain a whopping amount of phyto-estrogen (the one they have is called genistein) which is also an endrocrine disruptor.
There's a lot of evidence to suggest that a diet high in soy protein really ups your risk of cancer, especially breast, uterine and cervical cancers.

Breast Defense: Chemicals and the Environment
Decoding Household Chemicals

10/18/10 01:11 PM

This is gorgeous.

The Little Kitchen by Mama Made Them
10/7/10 01:02 AM

I agree with many of the posts above, but would add that I think everyone should know how to:
1. Make a simple meal without a recipe (meat, grain, veggie)
2. Make muffins from scratch
3. Make a casserole.
4. Make a white sauce
5. Make a gravy.

Home Ec: What Cooking Skills Should Everyone Know?
10/7/10 01:01 AM

Just the other day, my husband and I had BLTs for a quick dinner, but we needed something a bit more filling to hold us through the evening. So we made what we're calling a COBALT- Cheese, caramelized Onion, Bacon, And Lettuce, andTomato. They were delicious. Adding avocado would be yummy, and it would fill out the acronym...

Strange Food Combos: Would You Put Cheese on a BLT?
9/8/10 03:12 PM

I'm thinking it would be a great dipping sauce for fried green tomatoes...

Vegetarian Main Dish to Accompany Sweet Corn Puree?
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9/4/10 01:19 PM

I hate cleaning. I hate it with a fiery red-headed passion. Actually, it's not the cleaning, but the maintaining that I don't like.
Anyway, the one maintaining system that also helps me overcome my hatred of mornings is this (it's a system originally printed in "Hints from Heloise"):
1. put dishes to soak in hot water and soap
2. make beds
3. pick up clutter
4. heat coffee/tea
5. use toilet paper and rubbing alcohol to wipe bathroom fixtures
6. hit high traffic areas with vaccuum/swiffer/broom
7. quick dust coffee tables
8. return to dishes and wash
9. sit down with coffee/tea

I like this system for several reasons- it's quiet and doesn't wake up my toddler; I get the reward of a hot cup of tea and a rest at the end; it makes my home look put together enough for a surprise visit; and seeing the main living area cleaned up like that makes it a lot easier for me to deal with big jobs like laundry and scrubbing the bathroom or kitchen in the afternoon.

The Hierarchy of Cleaning
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8/20/10 10:21 PM

Every morning involves a large cup of black tea (PG tips), sweetened with half & half.
Most mornings involve a large bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, and frozen blueberries or raspberries. If I don't feel like oatmeal, it's something with eggs, usually fried until the yolks are just barely runny.

What Did You Eat For Breakfast Today? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/5/10 11:02 AM

I have two also:
The first is an old white mug (more delicate than sturdy) that has a half-faded blue scene of an Entenmann's bakery. It's the mug that I always remember my grandmother drinking her coffee from when we went over and I got it when she died.

The other is a mug that I painted at one of those paint-your-own-pottery places and it's large (helpful for holding immense cups of coffee) and square at the bottom, but round at the top. It's the only mug I have that I've never spilled my coffee or tea from while running to class- perhaps because it's big enough to have a generous cup of coffee and still have room at the top for sloshing without spilling.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | In Praise of a Favorite Mug
8/18/08 07:48 AM

Oh- and I wouldn't paint it white. It would show dirt or get dingy too quickly.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: What Can I Do with This Piece? Chicago
8/18/08 06:45 AM

I would paint it a bright color that complements whatever dinnerware you use and use it as a low china cabinet jsut outside your kitchen- to display and store things like serving dishes, pitchers, and other things that might otherwise clutter your kitchen or be hard to store in a small kitchen- like bar-ware and alcohol maybe.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: What Can I Do with This Piece? Chicago
8/18/08 06:44 AM

For the sake of hypothetical questions being fun:

1: portfolio with our important documents (birth certs, marriage license, insurance documents, copies of diplomas, passports, and documents with sentimental value)
2: My bible and my grandmother's bible
3: the small box with all of our pictures in it (save the framed ones around the apt
5:purse (containing wallet, cell phone, keys, etc.)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Prized Possessions: Top Five Things You'd Save in A Fire?
8/16/08 01:39 AM

I would get another towel bar and hang a curtain one or two steps up and then alter a curtain so that it could hang diagonally and would basically turn the makeshift closet into enclosed storage

Apartment Therapy New York | Before and After: Creating a Much-Needed Coat Closet Washington DC
8/13/08 11:37 AM

My college roommates and I would buy food packaged in glass bottles or jars (spaghetti sauce, POM teas, olive oil, jam/jelly, olives, etc) even if it was a wee bit more expensive because they were so good for holding leftovers- especially when we made chicken/vegetable stock or a big batch of soup.

Also, things that come in wooden boxes like tea, or canvas bags like some coffees are almost more useful in their second uses.

Apartment Therapy New York | Building With Beer: New Image, Old IdeaBoston
8/13/08 11:19 AM

My husband and I got married 3 months ago and I never thought that I'd want a sewing machine and a washing machine more than I wanted a laptop or a digital camera...
If I won the machine, I would make:
1. Curtains for the windows
2. A quilt
3. Some skirts
4. Pillows and a slipcover for our comfy, but ugly inherited couch
5. A bedskirt for our bed
6. A curtain for our closet that doesn't have a door
7. I would also get the huge pile of mending finished- it grows too fast for me to keep up with when sewing by hand.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/9/08 07:07 AM