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cool dog

Apartment Therapy Chicago | What Part Of Your House Does Your Pet Claim?
9/12/08 05:21 PM

too much old stuff.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Magnaverde's Small Space in O at Home
9/12/08 05:19 PM

@ amt230

I have this chair and it's from Ikea.

It's the "Svante - #13242". They're very sturdy.

Good luck.

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9/12/08 05:19 PM

$115 ?! I can't believe those chumps posed for that photo.

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9/7/08 06:07 AM

that's a cool dirty driveway ...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Clean Your Driveway
8/9/08 09:30 AM

whoa. how do you see your alarm clock when it's way down there?

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8/9/08 06:47 AM