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the baby swing was a god send! (the one we were given, was battery powered and would run out so we even used our foot lol but it helped so much!) especially since i was home alone with my son since birth.

for peoples showers, i always make a quilt that can fit a toddler bed. that way its used more than a few weeks and done with.

things i didnt like receiving for the shower, were bottles (i was pumping/breast feeding and using many types of bottles would have been confusing to my son, the many thin blankets (they are so small anyways), too many small clothes (my son was 8.10 lb at birth so he didnt even fit new born clothes.

books are a great gift, toys for the 6-9 month range, please stay away from all the cheap toys and thigns that will break. i would rather not get anything than have to throw away things that are not safe or wasteful.

if the family is willing, i would give recycled toys, clothing, and i wash the new clothes if i get them any, so there are no chemicals in them. thats if i cant find organic made. i also liked the swaddle thing, and getting (and giving) baby oxiclean.

when in doubt just give gift cards. ya, that gives a def monetary value to the gift, but its better than nothing, and you can always get what you want then.

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1/10/11 08:56 PM

its really hard for me to be on a tight schedule, and i know its good for all of us. my almost 4 year old, craves attention but i find, he is much more content with himself, when we do things during the day together. im happier when actually do things even if im exhausted before hand. loose schedules help tremendously since there is less surprise for the child, there tends to be less struggle to do the things that need to be done.

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11/25/10 09:50 PM

love it. im renting so cant do this, but would consider it.

but could you imagine trying to find money you dropped on the floor lol

Penny Tile Floor at the Standard Hotel

9/8/10 12:59 AM

personally i love the idea of this. FOR ME. i went to the link someone posted. and while i think its cool, its extremely dangerous. if there was a fire, the fire department would never think to check the paneling under the stair case for a spring loaded door. the child might go in there if they were scared and that was a 'safe' place to them. i would def leave an alert sticker on the window outside with the location of the crawl space.

in reference to THIS post. wardrobe is not so bad, they probably still would want to make a sign on the door or something to tell people if there was a room there. you never know. but i would LOVE to have that as my own space. as a child and now.

i dont find the picture creepy though. its not like there is a kid tied up in there.

Hidden Room Love: Through the Armoire
9/7/10 03:27 AM

ugh.. typos.. i offer my apologies,.. i have a toddler beatin gme down to watch blues clues..

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jarret's Luxury High-Rise New York
2/2/09 01:43 PM

ok, i have to admit, i read all the comments from people BEFORE i saw the tour.

What is so wrong with this apartment!!?? besides the fat that i dont think they would ahve needed to have a decorator if they were so artistically inclined. BUT i see it like a chef doesnt want to always cook dinner at home, i can see why they asked for some help.

i will agree on a couple things, i dont care for the lamps in the bedroom.. and the kitchen??... the big pictures in the living room... while i dont really care for those pics, big bw pics often offer a bold statement. I appreciate their choice, but wouldnt have chosen for myself. but this isnt my house.. but I WISH. i couldnt believe the views. people had kept saying it over and over, but i didnt expect what i saw. i didnt realize it would have been so breathtaking, even form the little we were able to see! why would they move from here??!! i would liek to see the house they have now.

i being from florida even given a house in the sky would have a big view of a lot of nothing.

I find this house very charming, and not cold at all. The little things here and there offer a since of who the people are without overwhelming you with stuff. i didnt find this place cluttered at all, but i dont care for the gold leaf and berry? things on the table they seemed a little pointless and took away form the rest of the place.

given the constraints of the landlord, and the clients tastes. i think this place came out great. I know what to expect form comments on AT but this post, it didnt seem warranted. people need to just take a breath. who cares of they are artsy people who hired a designer? look at that view, does it really matter whats inside anyways??

Nice job Jarret

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Jarret's Luxury High-Rise New York
2/2/09 01:41 PM

unless that cover around the shifter was easily removable i wouldnt go near that. then again, i probably still wouldnt go near it. i spend enough time as it is cleaning my kitchen with all its kitchen like parts. i dont want to clean a kitchen with car like parts. this might work for a guy or couple who reeeally like nice cars, and who have a cleaning lady

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Shen Di's Shifter Faucet
1/23/09 02:43 AM

its nice, if your trying for the upscale hotel room look, but there are no real personal touches, its looks like a replica of a magazine. but it is "pretty"
all except the captains bed in bedroom. what is up with that? i just think it takes the 'scale' down a notch

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Call: Jwen's Refined Compact Space Singapore
1/20/09 09:56 AM

haha.. garage sale.....

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Kelly and Mike's Layered Collage San Francisco
1/20/09 01:09 AM

you guys would tear me apart lol so I wont dare list what i do or dont do here. although i will say in my (lack of) defense I have a almost 2 year old who likes to throw things, and a 6'6" tall husband who throws his enormous clothes on the floor when he takes them off.

Oh and when I party at anyones house, I def clean up after myself, and probably others too. :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Managing Your Home: The Standards You Keep
1/19/09 02:41 AM

I was just about to say, all you need is a sewn in pocket on the other side to put the pieces, and maybe a tie, or button closure and its a complete set for travel or to store. very nice!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look! Quilted Checkerboard
1/17/09 12:11 AM

Thanks for sharing your room. I love the valance, very cool. I would have never thought of that.

At first the room does seem a little dark, but after I viewed the other pictures, I saw that its just the lighting at the time of pictures. The white trim, doors erc, the silver and orange accents, and the blue really do bring it up a notch and make the room.

If only people hadnt shoved classic pooh down my throat when I had my son, maybe I could have pulled something like this off.

The neat thing about this room to me, is the fact that the color scheme would work so well even if you mismatched the pieces of furniture, or switched the color scheme around with the big elements in the room. if you had the White crib featured on another recent tour, and white dresser you could have the blue bedding or orange, and switch around anything it would work too.

I really like the silverish numbers on the wall... is there a significance to the order and pick of the numbers? In any case, I love the room, and love the things in it. Beautiful kid too! congrats.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Nursery Tour: Evan's Brown and Blue with Pops of Orange Room
1/17/09 12:04 AM

well... my cousin broke his arm falling off a bunk bed, and he was 8 i think. so i dont know if there ever is a 'right age'. I think it goes on a kid by kid basis.

i personally think that bunk beds, and loft beds are so cool. I want one myself. im sure you could come up with a solution.

As soon as my son is 'old enough' or stops doing flips in his sleep I will get/make a bunk or loft bed for him. I will most likely fashion some sort of railing from bed edge to ceiling for half of the bed. and possibly the end leaving a few feet to get in and maneuver. I at first thought of, essentially taking the crib, and raising it to the ceiling. I would of course make it not use the crib, but pretty much that. But I thought against that, in case of emergency or fire people wouldnt know how to open it. So open part of the way is the best. anyways.. man.. im rambling again.. sorry!

good luck!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Trend Watch: Loft Beds
1/16/09 08:56 PM

i always assumed everyone picked a side... people dont?? I usually take the right (looking at the bed) because i end up sleeping on my left. we just recently moved the bed against the wall, and i took the left side (looking at the bed, the side against the wall) partly because my husband gets up early for work and now he wont wake me up.

i dont really care for sleeping against the wall, but I just dont care as much as I used to.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | My Side, Your Side: Claiming Your Territory
1/16/09 08:07 PM

i love the idea of living in a cottage. I think you did a beautiful job painting and fixing it and making it your own. I personally love gardening, but i am not too taken with scalloped borders, but it does fit in with the cottage feel i suppose. i like the kitchen, snd love the shelves to the right and above. and the colors in the living room rock. although the room would probably look bigger with 'slimmer' furniture. But it looks so livable there that I wouldnt complain at all if I stayed there. ... sorry im rambling. its beautiful. ocngrats, and thanks for sharing.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Call: Lois's Little Cottage
1/16/09 07:59 PM

i have read all the emails i have received, and havent found any form.

My son is 17 months old and is reaking (sp) havoc on my house! I need this vacuum! Help!

Apartment Therapy New York | Dyson Stowaway Vacuum Giveaway: 2 Hours To Go!
9/18/08 08:34 AM

i couldnt find the form.... :(

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: DC-21 Dyson Stowaway Vacuum
9/18/08 08:24 AM

I LOVED this entry. I really did, man i love the colors, the feel, the whole vibe of the place. Very very nice.

I would have loved to see more pictures, mainly so i can copy the entire thing! I love it, I wish you could do my place.. would you?? I live in florida.. so maybe you can travel and help me with this mad house!


all you haters need to CHILL. (sorry to sound so juvenile, but geez you are rippin on him for ties? are you serious. its his own personal style, excuse him for having taste. I have seen way WAY more ridiculous things on AT before -ie fake book boxes... so lay off people! )

my favorite part.... besides the color .. the textures and the cool vibe. very nice.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #30: JW Opted for Rehab
9/2/08 09:45 PM

well i pretty much agree with the majority here.. although i LOVE the idea of a place to hide the knickknacks when not needed. and to keep the place tidy.

fake books, on purpose, on shelves that you cant even reach? I'm sorry AT, thats a little too far fetched. even for this site. imo.

how about showing some other types of genious storage, that DOESNT involve pretending you read/ buying from pottery barn.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Book Boxes by Pottery Barn
9/1/08 09:04 AM

i HATE this room! (i dont have high ceilings, and I am envying your cat. )

ps i actually love this house and If i could cope with sleeping an inch away from the ceiling, I would do it! )

Apartment Therapy New York | East Finalist: Tony and Hilary's 3 in 1 Studio
8/27/08 07:47 PM