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Can I just say as a sustainability consultant it warms my heart to see this food based decor framed as compostable? Gorgeous stuff, I look forward to adding some of it to my home.

Speaking of highly compostable, I've been using these plates recently that are made entirely of leaves, and are so not granola green cliches, coming in all these interesting shapes. They look like wood, rather then pasty oatmeal mushiness. Verterra is their name. I recently found out they're made from palm tree leaves, when Time did this photo essay on the process. Check it yourself here,29307,1846838,00.html

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Inspiration: Fall's Compostable Decor
10/13/08 04:41 PM

One compostable option that avoids using food crops are the leaf based plates from Verterra. They use what would otherwise be agricultural "waste," so no extra land is put to use to make these. And damn, they're sturdy! I like that they took the time to make them look nice, not just hippie practical. You can even wash and reuse them. I like watching the post drying warped plates fall back into shape when I put food on them. You can see more about them at

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Look!: Compostable Plastic Cups
8/8/08 03:35 PM

Charging per bag has proven quite effective in Ireland. A small financial pain can quite an incentive to those not otherwise motivated to make change.

@craefish, I recently bought a messenger bag by Act2GreenSmart that shows an energy savings in making it via recycled PET (plastic bottle) vs virgin material, and how many bottles were diverted. To drive home the point, they tell you how long the average laptop would run on this saved energy.

Apparently this is from a company that was making all virgin material laptop bags until last year, when they committed to shift to entirely rPET based. Something I think is definitely to be supported. And hmm, their tote looks quite handy for carrying groceries :-)

They're at

Apartment Therapy New York | News: Paying for Plastic Bags in CaliforniaFrom Re-nest: Our site that covers abundant design for green homes
8/8/08 02:50 PM