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We are remodeling our master bathroom… taking up the carpet (carpet in the bathroom… gross!) repainting, replacing the vanity, mirror, light fixtures, and medicine cabinet. We may also be painting a small wall in our kitchen in blackboard paint! Love 3 day weekends!

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9/4/09 06:17 PM

I think it is a really cool idea, but it just makes me think of all the little kids that come to visit and how exciting that would look to play with. And when we have our own kids, I wouldn't want to encourage touching cords. Interesting idea though…

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4/13/09 09:47 PM

Very nice.

Um… I really want those 2 thin lamps that are on the mantel in the before picture. Where did those come from???

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3/5/09 10:49 PM

We're way behind schedule! We're both graphic designers and just can't decide on what to make to send. We should just buy some next year.

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12/16/08 09:51 PM

I work at a Pottery Barn and I would suggest that before you give up on this one, you check with a local Pottery Barn store and see if they can get one for you. The catalog/website is a little different from Pottery Barn stores and often the distribution center for PB stores may have some in stock that they will more than happily ship to you or the store. It just may be worth checking into since stores and the website/catalog company carry different things in different quantities and can have different options. It may just be out, but the stores are always worth a shot. Hope you find it!

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12/12/08 12:21 PM

I said "no" as most of the time my husband cares more about details in our house than I do. And I'm incredibly detailed and organized. Most of the time he is much more opinionated where I often get to the point that I just want it to work and look nice, not necessarily drop dead amazing. He's been very picky about our light switches and even deliberated heavily over paint samples with me. I guess we are both very into the details, we just take turns on who obsesses over what.

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9/18/08 05:42 PM

What's wrong with having toys and kids' stuff if you don't have kids? I love children's book and have many and I often think fun kids' stuff is unique to add to modern decorating. Unfortunately, I always feel Pottery Barn Kids is a bit too expensive, but I like it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Six Great Things from Pottery Barn Kids - For Adults
9/2/08 10:48 AM

• decorative pillow with a thick center stripe for our bedroom
• curtains for our guest room
• sundress for myself
• Christmas stockings for me and my husband
• puppet dolls for my nieces

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8/8/08 12:38 PM

coffee ice cream perhaps with brownie chunks. Mmmm!

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8/8/08 12:35 PM