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So I was thisclose to posting a question about how to renovate the bathroom of the house we are in the midst of buying. And then I saw that yellow bathroom with the OMG gorgeous tile. So never mind about the post. I have my answer.

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8/3/10 11:02 PM

My fiance and I have this battle, too! I grew up in the mountains, where no AC is ever needed, so I really hate the contraptions. But he grew up in Missouri, where AC is a survival tool. Living in Philly now, we duke it out all summer. I prefer plain old fans, he prefers refrigerator temperatures. In the mornings when the house is still cool, I pull down all the blinds in every room and run all of our fans. I find that this combo can work well for the majority of the day... until you hit around 90 degrees (which, in Texas, is probably a given most days!).

5 Unexpected Benefits to Forgoing the Air Conditioner | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/2/10 03:09 PM

Fellow Philly rowhome dweller here. Yes, we have a trunk in the living room, too. Just keep it right under the window and put all our cuddle-up blankets in there... because it's not like you can actually use the laughably miniature closets in these old houses for storage!

What Do You Keep In Your Trunk? | Apartment Therapy DC
6/24/10 12:53 PM

Definitely just added that swanky black set from DWR to my wedding registry. Yay for Amazon's Universal Registry button!

Flatware in Every Style Inside Man | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/14/10 09:45 AM

My boyfriend and I rent a 100-year-old row home in Philadelphia, and we've got transoms all over the place. Our neighbors have them, too. I absolutely adore the dynamic quality they bring to a doorway. Horrifically, one of the previous owners of our building filled the one above our bedroom door with corrugated plastic (!). Tragic. And another is painted shut. The rest of the house is beautifully renovated. This post inspires me to begin prodding our landlord to restore the transoms back to their original charm. He would probably be more open to the idea if we offered to do the installation, though... anyone know how involved this might be? I'm pretty handy.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Transom Windows at Home
4/2/09 10:39 PM

Looks like you can mix your own colors now:

I could totally envision myself going on a Plasti Dip binge and coating a plethora of random things all over my house...

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Plasti Dip Put to Use
2/18/09 06:29 PM

Our backsplash is off-white, speckled tiles with dove-grey grout. I LOVE the darker grout. Especially for behind the sink, because grout in that place tends to suck up grime so easily.

Unfortunately, our landlord did skip the backsplash piece for the counters, and I can tell you it was a mistake. No backsplash piece means moisture has a great place to hang out and cause damage. The grout in the corner between the tile and counter is beginning to crack and crumble, despite having been sealed.

In sum, go with a grey grout and keep the backsplash piece!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: White or Black Grout for Subway Tile?
2/13/09 01:32 PM

I currently reside in a very industrial-style loft. The entire kitchen is restaurant-quality stainless steel. This material would be a great "door" for my pantry instead of the blonde wood doors that are there now!

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8/13/08 09:28 AM