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Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest #16: Ellie's Dad's Creative Relief
10/10/08 03:38 PM

Brilliant! Kudos and thanks for sharing!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ugly AC Transformed Into Stylish Landing Strip
10/4/08 10:15 AM

My sister and our cute pups!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Nate Williams Pillows Los Angeles
10/2/08 11:42 AM

I wasn't working and was staying with my family in a small farm near Notus Idaho. My mom was up watching CNN and I caught the end of the first flight news and then saw the plane crashing into the second tower. It was so eery like it was a couldn't be real! Got online and watched the news all day and were pretty much in a daze. We were very upset and felt moved and patriotic. Sadly the past 7 years have not been very great for our nation.

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 665 New York
9/11/08 05:40 PM

I agree will ALL above and thank goodness for smart people like you that aren't swayed by gimmicks. I was kind of disgusted to see her office on here.....yuck!

Apartment Therapy New York | Most Popular Posts: Great House Tours and Sarah Palin's Office Decor - 09.06.08New York
9/6/08 04:29 PM

Typically Alaskan and thats were I'm from....but ugly and ridiculous! Can we please stop giving her attention?

Apartment Therapy New York | Hot or Not? Sarah Palin's Alaskan Office Decor
9/6/08 09:28 AM

I think its hideous but that is MY own opinion and if you love it that is all that matters really.

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: New Family Home # 9 - The Sofa Defense
8/23/08 10:29 AM

I just got 2 new beds so I need pillows and comforters to match and I want to sew them myself!!!!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Unplggd Thursday Giveaway: Singer Curvy 8763 Sewing Machine
8/8/08 11:56 AM