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I've always thought that Magic Hat #9 was an easy enough beer to drink - not too hoppy (hence the reason my husband won't touch it) with a bit of fruity essence (but it's not a "fruit beer" in my opinion). And it's dry and crisp too. But perhaps it's not available nationally? I never know.

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2/16/11 11:19 AM

Currently, we pay $1675 for a 2 BR/1 BA 950 SF in Alexandria (right outside DC), for an adorable townhome in a great community of older homes full of young families.
We just moved out of DC (upper NW) where we paid $1650 (incl utilities) for a 1 BR/1 BA, 800 SF, - it was a 2nd floor unit in a building on Conn Ave (can you smell the bus exhaust?).

Before that, we lived in Brookline, MA, in a 1 BR / 1 BA for $1450 (incl utilities).

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8/23/10 11:47 AM

I buy fresh eucalyptus at Whole Foods for around $4 for a bunch.

Inspiration: Eucalyptus In the Bathroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/16/09 03:35 PM

I think what is great about John and Sherry's house is that they have taken time to develop their personal style, and they're continually working on their own space with small budgets and a lot of DIY. The funny thing is, for the people who say that they're lacking yard sale and vintage pieces - they've actually incorporated a lot of re-used items but altered them a bit to fit in with their personal style. Their blog is a delight to read, especially with a developing library of How-To posts for home projects. And they're also dedicated to making this space theirs for the long-haul, which I find admirable. Great job Sherry and John! Thanks for featuring them AT!

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10/13/09 09:32 AM

What a great gift! I love the colors too! I'd love to give someone a handmade, eco-friendly quilt like this.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Got Me In Stitches: Modern Kids Quilts
8/21/09 02:16 PM

berryblu - are you posting on Craigslist?
We're actually looking for more space (not less like other posts) as we think about having a family, so I get to think about furnishing rooms we've never had before, like a dining room or even a place for guests to stay. I'm trying to think of styling these rooms as a "fresh start" - and what style that will be. I doubt I'll get it right the first time, but I think it will be a bit more fun than our same-old student-bought furniture.

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8/18/09 02:55 PM

As a less expensive alternative to hiring a designer, take a look at They will consult on total room makeovers/designs, or work with existing furniture, all remotely (and less costly). They don't go out and do all the legwork for you, but they'll tackle all different styles, resources, and price points. And they've posted their past makeovers on their site, so you can see if it's even your style or not. Just an option.

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7/16/09 11:06 AM

The black and white rug is IKEA:

Generally most of the stuff in their ads is found in their stores.

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4/2/09 01:47 PM

We had our four favorite black and white pictures printed (4x6), framed them and hung them together in a small spot near our dresser in the bedroom. I decided that although I love seeing them, guests to our house may not want to look at pictures of me when visiting.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Tastefully Displaying Wedding Photos?
12/3/08 03:42 PM


Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
280 The Fenway
Boston MA 02115

Mass MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
1040 Mass MoCA Way
North Adams, MA 01247

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Updated: Help Us Make An Art Gallery Listing
8/20/08 05:51 AM

I've had her desktop calendars (each month is a different location) for the past two years. I love looking at her beautiful designs when I'm at work each day - they add such a unique look to my desk.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Prints: Places I Have Never Been
8/18/08 08:10 AM

Actually, my husband learned to sew on a Singer in home ec when he was in high school. Now that we've moved into a new apartment, he really wants to make some curtains with the awesome fabric we've found.

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8/8/08 11:24 AM