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I was about to get out for another day of school, and some people were dumping some office furniture. My girlfriend and I asked if they´re needed the orange chair, and if we can keep it ... we still have it. Is the wheeled version of this one Years later we bought another Robin Day chair, a Habitat chrome version in oak with withe leather seat for €50, like this one
We appreciate bargains.

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2/5/09 06:47 AM

I work in a store that sells Matrix ( that looks to me a quit good example to don´t buy just a label. Their products speak for itself and they were suppliers for an important brand till they started producing under their own name.

The "originals" are only a question of commercial and marketing's true that there are some editions who are not worthly and who do not respect the original design, but if you look and research carefully you'll find some very good quality suppliers.

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12/11/08 09:04 PM

Portugal isn´t part of Spain, and our gastronomy is quite different.

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11/27/08 06:32 AM

The mirror, where do you get that mirror?

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11/7/08 07:42 AM

...we used it in cold winter days: to warm up the sheets before going to bed!

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9/18/08 04:00 AM

In any old portuguese train stations. Unfortunatly it´s difficult to get one. There are also in green and blue, to match whit the tiles.

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8/8/08 03:25 AM