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I'm curious how everyone else that hung their tv above the fireplace handled the cabling. I've hung mine avoe my fireplace and have had holes in my walls for months to pull the cables through, but not sure I have all the cables I should consider having (hdmi, cable box, so on and so forth). Plus I need to wait to purchase a cabinet to store all the equipment and see the height to determine where the hole in the wall should be for the cables to come through. Anyone have any opinions on this? Also, I am not familiar if there are any products that help make the cabling look nicer coming out of the walls. I'm not a "home theater" person and trying to figure this stuff out is confusing.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Look! TV Mounted Above Fireplace
10/23/09 11:46 AM

I too would LOVE to know the paint is better than what I was going to use in my place. Brand? Color?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Space Solutions Canadian House & Home
9/5/08 04:53 PM

Kjonesy, I think your post is going to make me cry. I just bought a condo conversion and didn't due my due diligence. I figured if worse came to worse I would get a European washer/dryer in one for the kitchen...but I don't really want that. My CC&R's say I can have a washer/dryer (there are no existing hook up's)...but of course that has nothing to do with LA code I suppose (I'm in Mar Vista area). I would love to know what you've learned through all of this.

Apartment Therapy New York | Eco, Sexy & Ventless: The Bosch Axxis Washer Dryer SeriesEmail from 4.28.08
8/7/08 03:15 PM