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this home is even more lovely while in it with Hollie!! she's fantastic!

Hollie Wood's Lowcountry Antiquarian Glam House Tour
7/4/12 03:33 PM

gooo Katie!!!

Best Family Blog Nominations
The Homies 2012

2/27/12 02:38 PM

that poor antique piece of wood ;)

Before & After: From Fallen Tree to End Table
8/25/11 10:27 AM

this is also a good idea for sprinkles. ice cream party!!

Great Tip: Use Salt Shakers To Organize Glitter
8/17/11 04:05 PM

VERY nice! i also pass up those at my reStore all the time. although, i do have an idea for them that's different. now i'm inspired...

Before & After: Thrifted 1980s Chandelier Makeover
Vintage Revivals

8/13/11 10:36 PM

looks likes a little gap baby!!!

Happy Birthday Camille
8/5/11 10:43 PM

these always seem awesome until you wake up 5 minutes before its time to leave and your child gets something that resembles that lunch that goldie hawn fixes in overboard. (kidding, kinda)

Awesomesauce Sack Lunch Inspiration
This Lunch Rox

8/5/11 10:40 PM

24 glue sticks. really?! but i buy them because i'm a rule follower

What Back To School Item Is Completely Overrated?
Reader Survey

8/5/11 10:36 PM


Happy Birthday Margot
8/5/11 10:34 PM


Zoe Murphy
Bespoke Printed Furniture and Textiles

8/5/11 10:33 PM

Style Sourcelist: School House Inspired Looks for the Home
8/2/11 11:52 PM

it's amazing the same page i'm on with AT. JUST today i was searching for retro motel's in myrtle beach. i had no luck so if anyone knows of one please let me know!!

Do You Intentionally Stay At Kitschy Motels?
7/22/11 10:48 PM

i can't believe they painted that beautiful antique wood. i liked it better before. TOTALLY KIDDING!! super neat!!

Before & After: Colorful Outdoor Bench
Christina Diaz

7/21/11 12:29 PM

i did this for my son's birthday a couple years back. i didn't freeze them though...

Good Idea: Frozen Grape Pops
7/19/11 01:17 PM

yay, my hometown!!

Regional Architecture: Charleston Single House
7/15/11 07:37 PM

antique. hahahahaha! looks great!

Before & After: An Outdated Desk Goes Gorgeous and Girly
7/14/11 08:44 PM

shop at bilo if you have one. gas perks!!

Saving Money at the Pump
Road Trip Tips

7/14/11 08:41 PM


Painted Rainbow Bench
Christina Diaz

7/14/11 11:51 AM

how DARE you paint something that's yours and how DARE you chose a color you like. the nerve!

♥ it!!!

Before & After: What a Difference Some Paint Makes!
7/12/11 06:34 PM

i found one like it for my son's room for next to nothing at marshall's

Pendleton National Park Blankets
7/11/11 12:29 PM