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Virtually everything I need is in a 1 km from our flat here in Hong Kong. Public transport (train, trolley, public light bus, ferries, botanical garden, caf├ęs, restaurants, bars/pubs, library, city hall, U.S. Consulate (handy since I need to renew my passport), banks, grocery stores, drugstores, wet market, flower stalls, pet stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, bookstores, stationary stores, hardware stores, temples and churches, dry cleaners, art galleries, gyms, post office, hospital, printers, photo developers, doctor/dentist office, hair salon, spa, and even a major mall.

I admit that we're extremely lucky for all these conveniences.

Apartment Must Haves: Within Walking Distance
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8/23/11 09:15 AM

LOVE this!!! I'm an expat in Hong Kong and ADORE this space; the layout is brilliant. The hangar piece is smart and I love your city photos. :)

Erica's Hong Kong Home
4/5/11 08:31 AM

holy smokes, i have loft envy. is this in Chai Wan? i live in SoHo and dream of having a space like this in my neighborhood.

Irene & Mark's Hong Kong Warehouse
House Tour

3/11/11 12:09 AM

Holy smokes, this is total eye candy for me. I love that many items were picked up during her travels. I can only hope that in the future, my home will transform into something like this.

Lauren's Collection of Stories
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1/19/11 01:38 AM

Love, love, LOVE!!! Candace, where in Hong Kong do you live? I live in SoHo and would love to have a space like this.

Candace's Commercial Conversion
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1/19/11 12:16 AM

@mlme: it was Kara and Ken from L.A. the floors had me drooling.

Book Nooks and Reading Rooms: Storage Inspiration
12/17/10 10:28 AM

We sold our car in June 2008 when we moved to SF and couldn't be happier. We lived in walking distance to our offices, the grocery store, cinema, ball park, etc, so we were able to get by with ease and haven't looked back.

We moved to Hong Kong last fall and our flat doesn't have a garbage disposal, oven and a heater/radiator. It's been an adjustment, but one that I'm getting used to.

For the most part, we've pared down A LOT and are down to the essentials. Like many others, follow the "one in, one out" rule, which means clothing, books, linens, etc. Somehow, I've managed to get basic cable, but might upgrade since I can't get to work internationally. Otherwise, I don't miss a lot of the stuff I had beforehand.

Living Without: What Have You Given Up Or Gotten Rid Of? | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
5/1/10 10:22 AM

we downsized last summer from an 1100 sq ft loft in minneapolis, to a 725 sq ft apt in san francisco. we purged a lot prior to our move, but still needed to get rid of stuff.

we're moving to hong kong in 6 weeks and have decided to take our bed (thats the one thing i don't want to have to shop for immediately), a bookcase and a few other basics. the rest we'll just get when we get there simply b/c we have no idea what size apartment we'll find or if anything comes furnished.

i'm excited about getting rid of it all and starting fresh. craigslist and freecycle are becoming my new best friends.

Apartment Therapy DC | Down Sizing: Moving into a Small Space
8/12/09 04:36 PM

i just bought this for my dining room from overstock and am waiting for it to arrive.

it's rectangular in shape and similar to the rug above.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Rug for an Astronomy-Themed Nursery?
7/1/09 02:33 PM

i think i'm the only gemini list-maker here. lists help me stay organized and on track for tasks and groceries.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Are You a List-Maker?
5/22/09 04:00 PM

tea, granola bars, ritz crackers and tortilla chips. i also have clickable mini pepper/salt mill/grinder. comes in handy if i need to season the lunch i pack.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Eating at the Office: What's in Your Snack Drawer?
5/20/09 01:33 PM

i scooped one up from ross for $4 the other day. super handy and tucks away nicely. :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Space Saving Watering Can
5/18/09 07:45 PM

we moved here a year ago and are enjoying it. we're renting a 1 BR/1BA in SOMA (near the Moscone Center) and are in walking distance of work (both my husband and i work in the FiDi), the ball park, library, ferry building, grocery stores, etc. we lucked out and got a ground floor unit in a large apt. complex, which allows up to 2 pets for only an extra $50/mo (no breed restriction). the guys across the hall from me have 2 jack russells and a guy down the hall has a sweet st. bernard. thankfully it's an incredibly dog-friendly complex so the dogs are able to run around and play.

my coworker lives in pacific heights and enjoys it there. it's a 10 minute bus ride for him and he can find street parking w/ease. another coworker lives in north beach and is about 10 minutes away. although i have to agree w/others that alameda, emeryville, duboce triangle, hayes valley are all great places too.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: SF Neighborhoods for Ex-New Yorkers?
5/18/09 07:35 PM

AWESOME job! :)

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | How To: Totally Rebuild a Love Seat Liz's February Jumpstart Project 2009
2/27/09 02:26 PM

i miss minneapolis. :{ i always managed to score awesome stuff.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Scavenger: 50 Fabulous Finds Plus City Of The Week!
2/20/09 07:51 PM

insanely cool.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Paperclip Pendant Lamp
2/18/09 07:48 PM

we have a lamp on a timer. it provides us the light we need to see, but also enough to serve as a deterrent.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Leaving a Light On To Welcome Yourself Home
2/13/09 02:26 PM

my husband and i throw our daily change into a large jar which we don't use. we made a goal during the holidays to collect from december 1st to november 30 and use the money toward something we both want. so far we only have about $50, which is small, but it's a start. :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT On...: The Change Jar Or, How to Sock Money Away Without Really Trying
2/13/09 02:11 PM

My husband and I made a brief stop late Sunday afternoon. I appreciated their products, but thought that the vast majority of it was overpriced. :{

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | West Elm Going "Green" in Emeryville
2/10/09 03:34 PM

we minimize the use of trash can liners as much as possible and only use them for our bathroom and kitchen. for kitty litter, we use bread bags.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | No More Plastic Bags: The Trashcan Liner Conundrum
12/3/08 02:39 PM