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Crud. *now in their debt. :D

Sanity Saver: Wearing Headphones At Home
8/9/12 04:52 PM

I used to wear them a lot as a child, but have only recently rediscovered them due to my job (work for a headset manufacturer). I'm not in their debt as it allows my bf to game away on the Xbox while I read or sleep, and I don't have to disturb my neighbors if I'm working away into the wee hours.

Sanity Saver: Wearing Headphones At Home
8/9/12 04:52 PM

My girlfriend picked up a few ideas from's shop:

Get Yer Royal Wedding On
Shopper's Guide

4/20/11 03:41 PM

Was is actually a hard drive or did it have the SSD option? I bet it was an SSD!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | MacBook Air Survives Airplane Crash!
4/18/09 01:27 AM

I can see my cat sitting in it, laying in it, and then scratching the crap outta it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Like Kittysville: Modern Pet Beds Under $100
3/13/09 09:19 PM

um. they sell kimono hangers, for like 5 bucks.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Displaying a Vintage Kimono?
12/8/08 09:01 PM

3 years. 2 living together. Ended mutually but with a lot of problems.

Watched Pride and Prejudice, Sex in the City, and several other Jane Austen films. I cleaned. Deep cleaned. Re-organized. Re-arranged. Cleaned again. Cleansed. Re-arranged. Re-hung shelves. Finished a desk make-over.

The best part is making every decision about my home without conference, though i did that before anyway (and no that isn't one of the reasons why we broke up).

The worst part, I can't get a new place because NYC is crazy difficult and expensive, and I'm working with extremely limited square footage.

Sigh, one day~!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Healing Powers of Decorating Post Break-up
10/14/08 05:49 PM

I have this! They sell it at Tiny Living on 7th. It's handy, but the step ladder is NOT the most stable thing I've ever climbed up. It's also quite heavy....FYI.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ironing Ladder from Tiny Living
8/24/08 06:24 AM

Considering its size, I think it would be a mistake to go for a solid color. But, if you're set on it, then a soothing blue-gray. If you feel more adventurous there are some good oranges and yellows out there too...

Seriously though, go with a print!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: What Color For Sofa Upholstery?
8/6/08 09:35 AM