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Ha ha! Everyone's responses are so great! Happy Halloween, I just watched Rosemary's Baby for the first time in a while. What's the first thing sweet Rosemary does when she moves into the most beautiful apartment on earth?!?! See paints EVERYTHING white/pale yellow... It makes the apartment cheerful and young... it's proof that you CAN paint the wood if you WANT to. The wood is beautiful, but think of it as a color, and paint your walls a shade that goes beautifully with dark brown--- a crisp white, modern pale blue.

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10/14/08 04:43 PM

belly button chair, bum hole ottoman.

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10/14/08 04:16 PM


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10/14/08 04:13 PM

Great changes! Consider a hanging lamp above the table- you can plug it into your track lighting. Something really beautiful and dynamic.

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10/14/08 04:08 PM


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10/14/08 03:55 PM

Check out artist Nina Bovasso if you like this stuff!

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10/3/08 03:19 PM

I've seen this garbage first hand. It is polyester, it is hideous, and the very idea that someone would put this on a bed makes me want to cry.

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9/15/08 03:06 PM

Buying this shelf was like throwing my money out the window. After a couple of months the thing started leaning like crazy! Garbage! I did NOT have too much stuff on it either. I'm happy that others did not have this problem- but I can't imagine giving this product a good review. Save some extra money and buy something that will still be good in 10 years. It's worth it! Find a great vintage shelf on craigslist- if it's been around for 40 years, it will probably last for you too! Also consider the Rakks system- reallly easy to work with and adjust... OR just get some sleek wall brackets and planks...

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9/11/08 07:41 PM

Nicely styled photos!!!

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9/11/08 07:28 PM

Very cute, but not sturdy quality. I used to work at a store that sold the rolly table, and it totally fell apart. I'd save my $$$ for something SOLID.

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8/4/08 07:40 PM