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Hmm. I feel like this should have been listed as a sponsored post.

I think it's a pretty makeover but it doesn't actually solve anything about dampness. The towel on the bar is pretty but won't dry easily folded like that. Also is that water in the vase? Why on earth would you add water to a too humid space. Also if mildew is a huge fear I might not store the hamper and extra towels there.

I think the commenters have covered the more useful suggestions - fans, dehumidifiers, open doors. Are shorter cooler showers out of the question?

Apartment Therapy New York | Hell’s Kitchen Studio Makeover: Part 2 – Damp Bathroom Guest Post from Danny Seo
9/11/09 03:03 PM

I second the vote for silica litter. It does a fabulous job of dryign things out. Just don't get the ones that are little spheres - go for the giant crystals. The spehers bounce and roll on hard surfaces. In our old apt it made it to all rooms of a 2 bedroom with hardwood floors in less than a day. The other kind track a little but don't smell.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Tidy Cats Litter for Small Spaces
9/2/08 11:38 AM

it's not so much the way it looks (I can't decide) but that it would provide ann sorts of places to collect the grease spatters that might happen if that stove were ever used.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hot or Not?: Kitchen Backsplash
8/11/08 09:15 PM

Saw that in the magazine. It's all very pretty but so not practical for a lot of folks. Getting at anything would require moving entire boxes or stacks of stuff. Not to mention that the Le Creuset collection probably costs more than everything in my entire kitchen.

I also think that to a point the minimizing thing works best when you've got money to replace / buy new stuff easily.

For the white covers - can you get a swatch to test? You'd need to know the fiber content to best know how to care for it. Chlorine bleach can eventually yellow things as can overdrying or having the detergent not rinse well. Check out the book Home Comforts or her laundry book. My thought was that if you could get a farbic swatch or maybe a matching pillow - if they don't have free swatches you could kind of give it and any other colors you want a torture test with washing and stain removers.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | One Family's Stress-Free Organizing Tips Real Simple: August 2008
8/6/08 09:10 PM