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Do stay away from "ozone" machines that purport to clean air. They are not good for your health. The EPA has some good consumer resources on indoor air quality. I think the quality of the air filter in an air purifier is one of the key issues. Portable options for one room or whole system purifiers/filters are both options.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Recommendations for an Air Purifier?
10/23/07 10:28 AM

OK, this one is not exactly reasonable, but looks very much like the one you saw at the Vanderbilt. Ylighting are a delight to deal with, and might carry other less expensive alternatives.


Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Similar Multi-Tiered Light?
10/12/07 06:48 AM

Faced with the same issue, I chose the baba stool sold by DWR. It helped that I found them on Craig's list for $75 each. The baba is fairly neutral but works really well in my modern kitchen (bamboo cabinets, gray slate floors, white concrete counters). None of the sleeker options (emeco, bertoia, lem piston, etc.) was AT ALL comfortable to me. My advice: look around and try before you buy.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Cool Counter-Height Stools?
9/24/07 01:57 PM

Thanks for all the really helpful input. Your suggestions are right on.

I am leaning toward a round coffee table, in glass or copper.

Glass would be nice because it would "disappear" more on the rug. But copper would pick up warm tones of fireplace. Here are my two top choices:

By the chair, I am thinking of an "urn" shape as Maxwell suggested. I like both of these options.

Reactions welcome! Any other good round coffee table choices?

I still like the idea of a console where the indonesian table is, especially as a place to put the much needed lamp. Not sure if others have thoughts on what works with other choices. Perhaps a parsons with travertine top?

Thanks, Claudia

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Coffee Table Replacement Tips?
9/10/07 01:36 PM

I love the idea of one orange wall. I have a wall painted BM Bronze Tone - a beautiful pumpkin color. The other walls are two shades of a soft neutral tan/green (BM Richmond Gray and Sag Harbor Gray), which provide a nice contrast to the orange and might be a good choice for you. I chose these after spending a small fortune on samples of paint and poster board.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Paint Color Should I Choose?
8/31/07 12:29 PM

Could you share where your media console is from-the low dark piece with AV equipment? It is just what I am looking for. Love the place.

House Tour: Lisa's Beachy Regency Modern Mix
6/28/07 10:06 AM

To the question of a changing-color-gray-green: Having purchased a small fortune's worth of these colors to try as samples, I picked BM Richmond Gray. It is similar to Camouflage, but has a bit more green, so draws out the warm tones of my bamboo cabinets in the most wonderful way. Also looks delicious with deep greens (BM jalepeno pepper) and with burnt orange (BM bronze tone)-for a very retro affect.

ColorTherapy: Knoxville Gray
5/8/07 05:22 PM

Love your bedroom-especially the vines. Could you share the brown paint color you used for the bedroom wall?

#10 - Olivia Leigh's Limited Time, Lovely Space
4/25/07 04:56 AM