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Beautiful piece, I would save up and have the drawer made to match. Very worth it! Or if you can find a drawer the right size you could just replace the front of the drawer with a made to match front and save money.

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6/28/11 06:36 PM

Sheer Genius!

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5/28/11 10:19 PM

Bonnie, such a lovely light filled cheery room it looks wonderful. I have charcoal tile floors and every white dog hair, crumb and dust really stands out. My friend has light floors of the same material and you don't see the white dog hairs but it does show dirt. I'd use it the way it is for now and change it out in a few years for an all new look. A big rug with color to match a chair would look great.

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3/22/11 11:41 PM

Love your redo you did a beautiful job! My favorite room is the orange room. I am curious about your floor tile can you tell me who makes it? I saw the same tile in the X-100 house. Thanks.

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11/27/10 01:03 AM

Halls are usually dark, we have one that is done in sheets of mahogany with a skylight and it is still dark! I would go with the orange flor tiles, light walls and blue door. The risers could be either gray or white to tone the orange flor tiles down a bit. It would be cheery and bright going up and down those stairs. By the way what is the name of the light fixture at the top of your stairs?

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9/5/08 08:59 PM