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nice loft bitboy! I have a loft also thats under renovation and I installed 8in wide plank flooring which im thinking about painting a high gloss white.

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9/6/08 12:25 PM

are the double doors stainless steel? Where did you get them from??

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8/29/08 08:43 AM

sofa looks like its from Room & Board see link below

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8/27/08 06:28 PM


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8/22/08 03:35 PM

i agree olivia greaaaaattt!! canvas art im gonna call the restaurant and see whats up with dat

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8/22/08 03:20 PM

Great!! thanks for the idea I will do

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8/22/08 02:24 PM

PREACH !! lil Rock

With Ikea you know what your getting and a better price.
I get things from estate sales or I design it and have it made for the same price or cheaper than such places.

I bought a Ent center from Bo Concept for $900 I scratched the crappy laminate wood moving now I have a $900 peace of garbage. Can't sand & refinish that thin laminate stuff

If ur gonna spend the money....... design it urself & find a good craftsmen to build it. It will mean more to you & last forever

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Roundup: New White Items in CB2's Fall Catalog
8/22/08 02:20 PM

Your home should reflect your creative side and who you are as a person. So I'm glad you defended your sofa because its part of who you are .

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8/19/08 01:26 PM

the most obvious is some color (one for the ceiling and a contrasting color for the wall) and if you want to hang pictures without nailing into that wall you can try :

cable system that can hang from the ceiling like an art gallery


hanging stripes from 3m (inexpensive too)

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8/14/08 02:40 PM

Target has nice lamps I think. Target is a good place to shop just as long as you don't over do it, then you run the risk of people coming to your home saying "you bought that at target right?" lol

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8/14/08 04:50 AM

Sofa looks like the Oliver sectional from Room Service in LA
check the link

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8/13/08 07:12 PM

i like this idea! I have a loft with no closet thx

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8/12/08 03:24 PM

Im too BROKE not to DIY lol I bought a loft in Charlotte NC and gutted it and have been putting it back together for the past 7mo. I had No experience @ home reno/contracting until this.

I learned everything from TV shows :) & once I finish I will be the DIY KING !!

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8/5/08 03:55 PM