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I find it interesting that the "cons" are with one exception about the ordering and install processes--not about the quality or durability of the IKEA kitchen itself.

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10/2/13 04:02 PM

Two points - I'm obviously not an antiquer!

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7/4/13 10:15 AM

We're on our third sofa in 15 years living together. My husband loves our giant American Leather sofa. I like it, but it is just TOO big for our space. It folds out to a full size K for goodness sake! Unfortunately, replacing it again is not an option.

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6/18/13 01:14 PM

I painted a VITTSJO desk white without sanding or priming. It was a complete PITA and I know from experience with this and other projects that "simply slapping a coat of paint on it" is never as simple or as easy as it seems.

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2/18/13 07:48 PM

My biggest living room problem is how dark everything is. I have 3 kids and everything we own is dark. All of my favorite rooms are light and airy, but our living room has dark furniture and dark rugs, and a bad layout.

For PPs, to solve the shoes problem, I keep a large basket by the front and back doors and have the kids throw their shoes into it. It's not necessarily easy for shoe removal, but it keeps us all from tripping over a dozen pairs of shoes in a small foyer.

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1/6/13 02:51 AM

These are great. I am with Longorious - it's hard when you are on a tight budget and don't want to make the "wrong" choice, but cannot necessarily afford everything you want. My biggest challenge is IKEA. I will decide which system I want and then go to buy it and get distracted by all the other great/new systems...!

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8/22/12 03:30 PM

We have an American Leather sleeper sofa that folds out to a king sized bed. It's very comfortable in either configuration. I have 2 small problems with it - the first is that it's too long for our tiny Chicago foursquare, and the second is that it's in microfiber fabric, which is a nightmare with kids. If I could afford it, I'd buy the same couch again in leather and the Q bed version. We found it at a department store outlet, so we got it in 2006 for less than the price of an IKEA MANSTAD.

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8/8/12 06:30 PM

Nutella is supposed to be kept at room temperature - it says so right on the jar.

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8/8/12 06:15 PM