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I think painting the brown sections of the window frames a nice bright white will give you the biggest band for the buck in terms of painting. I reckon your shutters are already a nice contemporary yet warm shade of grey and I suspect that if you paint those window frames white you'll find the shutters look grand.

On the door, I'd leave it white if you want to keep money and time to a minimum, or if you really want some pop, paint it black (but just the door, I'd leave the frame white.) Plum as an alternative.

I'd save the money from trying to paint the shutters and put it towards more shrubs/bushes - which I think will make the biggest differences overall.

While appreciating the warnings from others on planting next to your house, I'd say this is actually doesn't need to be a problem, you just need to look for plants with non-invasive roots. (And don't build up the soil against your foundation or build up planter boxes) This site has a few suggestions on what you can plant. http://www.gardenguides.com/87784-tall-plants-can-planted-near-foundation.html

We have a hedge of rosemary bushes against the front of our house which works well, especially as they require almost no care, and in fact like to be left un-watered (well, assuming you don't live in a desert climate...)

Apparently aucuba (type of laurel) and barberry work well for the same reasons.

I'd vote to do a solid row/hedge all along the front of the house (breaking for the door/porch obviously) with either all one type of bush/plant or mix and match which lets you take advantage of your existing bush on the left hand side.

To tie-it all together/make it look intentional + reduce need for watering and weeding, I would mulch all along the front with natural wood chips in a neat rectangle instead of a flower box or other edging. Would also put a circle of mulch, very slightly mounded up, around those two young trees you have growing on the left side in a bit of a mound - to help retain water and give them some visual interest. Don't reckon you need any border around this, just relatively neatly create a circle of mulch within the grass.

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11/16/13 02:00 AM

Hi Elizabeth,
Alas, I have to agree with everyone else that if your landlord won't let you paint, it's not likely they are going to let you drill holes to install pulls.

But depending on what condition the insides of the cabinets are in, why not try removing some of the cabinet doors from the upper cabinets for an open shelf look. Maybe leave the short doors and remove the long ones.

With most cabinets it should be easy enough to not only remove the doors, but also just unscrew the hardware from the cabinets themselves, then store it all away somewhere safe and put them back when you move out.

If the inside of the cabinets doesn't suit an open style you could either invest in some plywood and plexiglas to make your own transparent cabinet doors (Cut your plywood to be the same size as the current doors, and use wood stain to match the colour, then cut out the middle section like a picture frame. Pre-drill the plexi-glass and screw into the plywood with short wood screws.

Apart from anything else, I'd also recommend small pots of herbs in that sunny kitchen window, as I think plants lighten up the deadest spaces.

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8/8/12 06:14 PM