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@ brandias and others

I don't think those of us here that are child-free are "kid haters". That is exactly the kind of misguided accusation unfairly thrown at us regularly from strangers, friends and family members on a regular basis. And the notion that we are selfish because we have decided not to have children is an egregious misrepresentation.

I have spent many unpaid hours of my working life covering for parents who had to get home to a sick child, daycare, etc. Just last week we were passed over on a freelance job because the other designer has three young children to feed and we do not - this is what the employer told us. Not only is that not fair it's probably illegal. Most of my child-free friends spent their free time volunteering, often in arts organizations benefiting children. We also pay taxes to support the schooling of children and Medicaid to benefit the health of children. We do not protest this taxation, we understand it benefits society as a whole.

So please, do not call child-free people selfish. We already have enough guilt and bullsh*t to deal with from our distraught and disappointed family members. One of which also offered to pay me to have children. Sick, twisted. That gene strain should be stopped!

Are You Watching 9 by Design on Bravo? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/24/10 03:52 PM

Wow. It's great to see one of our pieces hung at its final destination! (The albums in the first pic).

Small Cool 2010: Andrew's Narrow in Nolita Teeny Tiny Division #19 | Apartment Therapy New York
4/20/10 08:38 PM

Referring to the poster inquiring as to the "right" number of children, I have heard that replacement is the right number. Meaning, two. In the Western world children do not live in as dangerous a time when compared to 100 years ago - when children died in farm accidents, from pneumonia, etc.

I do not have children by choice. Where I live in Los Angeles, it is not uncommon to see families of 5 children or more. I figure I'm covered by someone else. Overpopulation rarely ever comes up as the source of many of the world's problems, it is believed to be a birth rite of sorts and beyond intellectual reasoning.

I am glad to see that the subject is at least being discussed here and I assume you are much younger than I - perhaps the next generation (I'm 44). Progress is slow. Women have only been "liberated" for a scant 50 years. The more a woman is educated and seeks a career, the less chance she will have children. I predict the birth rate will ease up as women keep evolving into power.

Are You Watching 9 by Design on Bravo? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/20/10 12:42 PM

I just went to a friend's house who has one of these. I hit my head on it attempting to make my way to the sofa. Then my husband did the same thing. Visiting the sixties is dangerous if you're over 4'6".

The Arco Lamp, Eight Ways | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/29/10 06:32 PM

Having lived through several earthquakes in Los Angeles I definitely sleep in pajamas. They most often seem to happen whilst sleeping.

Survey: What Do You Sleep In? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
1/29/10 02:31 PM

I looked through this book and was shocked to find out he also used a projector and traced some of these photos. Not to diminish the final result (I'm a fan) but tracing?

Photographs by Norman Rockwell | Apartment Therapy New York
12/9/09 09:12 PM

I'm looking for something exactly like the green table as well. I need a c-table where the top can be swung out of the way. Looks like the green table has that function. Thanks in advance!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 9 Ways to Scent Your Home Without Candles
10/19/09 03:22 PM

Dare I say....junk in the trunk...

Apartment Therapy New York | Creative Storage: Peter Rolfe's Human Form Drawers
9/9/09 02:28 PM

All is not lost! Run with the rustic theme - it reminds me of a barn. At night all of the wood will look great in candlelight. I searched quickly under barn wedding receptions and found this link (scroll all the way down for pictures). I'm sure there are many more pictures on the web for reference and good advice from the many talented people here on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How to Decorate this Space for My Wedding Reception? Good Questions
8/19/09 07:10 PM

Lake Arrowhead is even closer coming from LA. Less commercial than Big Bear.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Weekend Escapes: Try On A Different Size City
7/13/09 07:15 PM

re: first photo

Is that a house or my agent's office?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Dwell on Design: Westside Home Tours, Part 2
7/2/09 04:13 PM

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Sense of Community: Neighborhood Resources
3/13/09 09:06 PM

This has happened to us a few times (we're in LA). The last time they came around to collect the money my husband told the guy they were nothing more than a shakedown operation. The guy became really flustered and just walked away.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Neighborhood Watch: Curb Scam
3/10/09 06:50 PM

Skulls. The problem is that it was really my husband's interest and my brother-in-law thought it was mine. And he likes to buy BIG gifts...I mean large in size. This has gone on for five years now.

But most recently he bought us an area rug, 5x7, black with a huge marijuana leaf in the center. The most ridiculous gift ever for a couple in their forties. Really, does anyone out there have a marijuana area rug displayed in their home? Other than a Seth Rogen character?

I have tried all sorts of tactful ways to say "enough". From "please, nothing larger than a bread box" to "gift certificates are appreciated". But it feels too controlling to tell people how they should gift, I should just be grateful, right?. I just donate most of it, such a waste of resources. Any advice?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Marked by Friends Family: Gift "Themes" That Won't Quit
2/19/09 05:00 PM

I second Eagle Rock. Has some of the same qualities as Silver Lake but it's more chill. Nice tree-lined streets. I don't have kids but I hear the schools are good (if that's in your future).

If you're into the club scene, Silver Lake is better. Eagle Rock is close to Hollywood and Silver Lake. Very easy commute to downtown which may be where you work as an attorney. If you're into urban living and don't need a yard, downtown is great. Venice is cool too but you will be on one side of the city and not as centrally located. Los Feliz is nice if you have the $. Los Feliz is like a combo of Silver Lake and Eagle Rock. Most of the music and art activities run from Hollywood (LACMA) to downtown.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Moving from NYC to LA. Where to? Los Angeles
2/12/09 02:54 PM

I am a designer. I share my resources and methods with others. If I am happy with a vendor I want them to do well. If they can't survive I will lose them as a resource myself.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Local Laser Cutting Service? Los Angeles
11/18/08 01:49 AM

There is a central city in Los Angeles, it's called Downtown Los Angeles. And by living in Pasadena, you are closer to the city center than West Hollywood. You can even get there from Pasadena via the metro. By car it's 15-mins to museums, Disney Hall, the art walk and more. Pasadena is one of the most beautiful and culturally interesting neighborhoods in Los Angeles. I don't live in Pasadena but I'm a native Angeleno.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Stay In the City vs. Moving to the Burbs
10/10/08 03:25 PM

My husband and I have been friends with a couple for more than 10 years and we have NEVER been invited to their apartment. They feel that the state of their place is too cluttered and that there is no place to sit. They always come over to our house or we meet up. We've been on two international trips with this couple and feel we are good friends so this seems odd.

We're not asking to have dinner made for us, just a quick stop and then off to a restaurant nearby. We asked a few times about coming over, then gave up. We showed them our cluttered garage. They've been to our house(s) through two top to bottom renovations and the accompanying mess. So, they've seen our clutter. Recently we asked them more pointedly and they ignored our request completely.

I'm sure to some of you this might seem rude and pushy. But I think there is something unhealthy going on in their home and as friends we are concerned.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What Does Your Home Say About You?
9/15/08 04:30 PM

Number 2. Agree with a red door to match the brick. Or a black door and black window mullions for an elegant London vibe.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Help Me Pick House Colors!Los Angeles
8/14/08 01:40 PM

We already adhere to most of the requirements and have a drought tolerant garden on a drip system. We do wash down our smallish deck once a week because we have a male dog who can't resist "lifting his leg" on our potted plants.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | New Water Restrictions Los Angeles
8/14/08 11:09 AM