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My husband and I keep separate bank accounts, but have a joint account where we deposit our tax return to save for either emergencies or vacations. Neither one of us feel the need (or have to) use the other's money. It may change someday, but works great for us right now.

One thing we do on the side is we each put cash into a jar every month that we can use at the end of the year. Right now we're both contributing $20, so that's an automatic $480 at the end of the year to use however we want. Then on top of that $20 we each put in, we each put in $1 or $2 every time we get intimate. It's a fun way to build that jar up even more!

A Smart, Simple, Successful Petty Cash System for Couples Comment of the Day
5/15/14 10:02 AM

It works in our house! I have a light cool-gray painted on the walls of a fairly small room with the doors (the main one and the sliding closet doors) and their trim being an oak wood. I even have dark wood for the furniture. I like the mixed look. However, the baseboards in the room are white, so I think it helps.

Will Gray Walls Work with Wooden Trim? Good Questions
12/12/13 12:29 PM

Since my family is 7 hours away in another state so we divide up the holidays.
-Thanksgiving: here with my husband's family—his parents are divorced so we always have two meals on the same day to go to.
- Christmas: we switch every other year, but I will always make the trek to my parents sometime around Christmas
- Easter is always with my family out of state.

It may not always stay this way, but it works for now.

Will You Actually Get To Be Home For The Holidays?
11/5/13 11:57 AM

St. Louis feels snubbed for not being chosen—we will still feel that "Ikea desert" in our area. However, I'm sure most people would prefer to drive to KC than to Chicago. Hopefully in the future we will get one!

Say Goodbye to "Ikea Desert", Midwest!
Ikea Coming to Kansas City in 2014

9/28/12 01:17 PM