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It would be much faster to get a label maker and just make nice printed labels for all of your files. Open the drawer, and you have just what you need - a quick visual reference.

If you don't know what drawer to open, your filing system is probably too complicated. Just go A-Z and label the drawer accordingly.

Sorry, but I think a table of contents is a terrible idea, because you'd have to update it every time you add a new file. If it's that big a pain to create a new file, you'll likely file stuff in marginally appropriate categories (e.g. putting life insurance stuff with car insurance because you have a file for the latter but not the former) or worse, just leave it in a "to file" pile on top. That defeats the point - it should be as quick to file something as it is to retrieve it, or you won't use it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Create a Table of Contents for Your Files
7/31/08 11:39 AM