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All lovely, fresh, unfussy & real. So nice compared to some of the other more staged homes on AT. Love the art, the kitchen floor, the secondhand finds, the color of paint in bathroom. Beautiful.

Lesley's Cozy Cool UK Coastal Home House Tour
11/11/13 02:59 PM

true, emcee

High and Low: The New Classics, Budget Edition
11/5/13 01:27 PM

Really nice job so congratulations. I know what you mean about velvet's cost. Dharma Trading's online site sells white velvet which dyes well with their procion dyes; it ends up being not too expensive for amazing color choices. But what you've done here is also super.

Before & After: A Heavenly Henredon
10/30/13 04:31 PM


Before & After: A Dressed-Up Dresser
10/30/13 04:26 PM

I love it! So pretty, simple & sunny with lots of you showing through & no cookie-cutter trends. Even though it's small it's uncluttered and there's room to turn around & stretch. Very, very nice.

Andrea's Teeny Tiny Hong Kong Home House Call
10/30/13 03:12 PM

I really like it; the colors are fresh & pleasing without taking over. All the fun little details intrigue & I get the relaxed sense that you could be yourself in this house, and you'd be pulled into doing something creative and meaningful without worrying that you might scratch something or otherwise damage the surroundings. It isn't intimidating or costly; super nice place. And yeah, they do look like good party people.

Jocelyn & Jim's Resonant Retreat House Tour
9/10/13 10:57 AM

The first by a mile.

The Coffee Table Battle:
Help Us Find Peace Good Questions

9/3/13 03:08 PM

Props to her and everyone else who uses recycled reclaimed materials. $12,000 for such a small space is not 'on a budget' in my book, especially if only a few things were bought new. $12,000 seems like quite a lot to me. Maybe there was lots of structural work to be done? Or maybe recycled prices in Portland are in the stratosphere.

Before & After: Reclaimed & Recycled Kitchen Redo
8/27/13 11:01 PM

Haven't I seen these in SF's Chinatown for about $1?

Pop Up Sponges
9/7/12 02:53 PM

Annaqua, I'm in France where there are many different colors of paint for ceramic tile (don't know what it's called in English). I covered my ugly brown kitchen walls with this stuff; it's great. It must be sold in the US also.

I'm totally with Granola Suicide. $11K for a budget remodel is high for me, and I'm nearing retirement age and very patient. Then again, in Europe, prices are high for this type of work and nearly everything else. I'm always stunned with I get an estimate, and I'm from SF.

Before & After: A Modern Revamp On A Budget Design *Sponge
9/7/12 02:50 PM

total love, and yeah wish my bank account would let me buy this, sigh.

Katie Deedy: Narrative Inspired Wallpaper Maker Videos
8/8/12 02:46 AM

Love the huipile in the baby's room.

The rest of the house is also wonderful!! This Guatemalan textile caught my eye right at the start though. Nice work.

Dan & Shannon's Cozy New Home House Tour
8/7/12 12:47 PM

This is lovely. I've been wondering when the trend for chalk-painted pastels would ease up. My mom used to strip paint off of things her mother had painted pink in the 1930s; she used a lethal product called StripEeze. I tried to sell some lovely antique mahogany dressers this summer in the bay area; the woman in the consignment shop told me that sadly unless I put a coat of yellow or turquoise on them no one would buy them because that's the in look. So nice to see AT going in the other direction.

Before & After: Stripping Paint to Reveal a Walnut Dresser
8/7/12 12:41 PM