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I've had acquaintances tell me *so be prepared, I have trophys mounted* ... meaning they knew I would be uncomfortable as a guest in their home. Sometimes, years later, I've been told it impacted. And that's big. Still, it's a long interim and lives, lives with gorgeous bodily parts, lost...waiting for them to open and *life* up. To what means what. Really.

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10/20/10 11:50 PM

I'm a techno moron so when I ask how long you sat with this prior to posting, I really want to know your experience, hopefully long term-ish. Because I'm not really getting how more great this is, better than visually scanning my instant view queue for titles, stars or dates to expiration. Would you say more please.

Feed Fliks Keeps You In Control Of Your Netflix
10/4/10 10:52 PM



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9/30/10 08:05 PM

Dana, what an exceptionally well thought out and wonderfully worded post. Thank you for your insight and thoroughness too.

Long time vegan, I am so grateful that I live in a country/society where I am so easily afforded this lifestyle choice and, bonus, in California, where fresh organic vegetables are so abundant and accessible. This gratitude runs pretty much silent in the background all the time for me. But I prepare food for my cats and, over the bodies of the chickens I cook for them, I do offer special thanks that might be considered prayers. I'm not sure why I would not offer the same thanks and gratitude for the vegetables I so much love, the farmers who grow them, the workers who harvest them and who bring them to me. Your post has given me pause. Thank you again.

Weekend Meditation: Blessings
9/30/10 08:00 PM

This link might be helpful:

How To Determine A Fair Rental Price
8/26/10 05:34 PM

Yeah, Betty Spaghetti, I'm with you: white, priviledged upper middle class. Nothing touches us. My best friend, afro american with an MBA, has two sons. Nothing she or her husband does will keep them from being shot dead on a BART platform for no reason whatsoever by a white cop who will never suffer any repercussion. My gay and lesbian friends? Well, if Target and Best Buy have their political contribution wishes, can be killed, just for being *contrary*. And Target? When did Target/Kmart become a design mecca? Cheap crap from China held up to design standards? You're so right. I do not speak for you. I am, however, if you care to look, in accordance with some very highly regarded AT contributors: bepsf and patrick (the other one). All of us white, priviledged folks who just happen to care about design and the out pinnings.

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/22/10 07:57 PM

I admittedly do not understand how exactly AT puts together its posts but want specifically to know how to remove myself from their site altogether. All suggestions welcome. It is not an intuitive process.

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/21/10 09:41 PM

But AT should still discontinue Target recommendations.

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/21/10 07:09 PM

@ohjodi, what a beautifully written, succient, thoughtful and reasonable post. I hope you're right, I'm sure you're right. I get caught up in my own community's reaction: shop more/only at Target.

Huff Post reports today that Best Buy also contributed heavily to the same candidate that has highlighted Target. :(

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/20/10 09:23 PM

AT, I insist you immediately -- and without exception -- cease any recommendation for Target.

Best Bedding In A Bag
8/20/10 02:29 AM

I was also intrigued by the lampe berger. On their web site, I kept seeing *Not for sale in California* which 1) disappointed me and 2) made me want to know why.


"On June 2, 2008, a case was settled with Lampe Berger USA, Inc. for selling non-compliant air fresheners known as Fragrance Fuel. The Consumer Products Regulation specifies that no person shall sell, supply, offer for sale or manufacture for sale in California any air fresheners or liquid/pump sprays that exceed the 18 percent-by-weight VOC limit (effective January 1, 1993). Lampe Berger USA, Inc. paid $29,000 to settle the case."

Maybe something to consider if we're interested in greening our homes.

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8/19/10 04:56 PM

@jokerman, please don't hold back on account of those like me but just continue to be aware that we are. This blog is so much more accesible than many more technical and I very much appreciate that. I have to say that I've forwarded your very helpful response to my own very beloved geek friends for a translation and ... what do I need to buy anyway? And when will you come and make it work for me? Yes, we do so very much love and appreciate our geek friends. It surely must be a joy to be one.

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8/15/10 05:19 PM

Look. Just don't even get me started. (In fact, I'm closing this window immediately after just to make sure.) My party, just like that other one, has been bought out from under it's very soul. I don't have any excuses or explanations for their actions except to say that ... not sure I can say that. We've got what Greg Palast said so well, *the best democracy money can buy*. My neighbors are in foreclosure, not sure how to feed themselves, their children. My world's an obscene, hideous mess. I hear you. And would vote for you if Kucinich was not on the ballot (but I write him in). Nobel prize? I don't even have a single clue how that could even have happened -- it must have been a dream. I'm rambling/sputtering. Must be something compelling on Netflix.

P.S. forwarded your media photo to a friend who'd just bought a new big TV and was wondering how to make it work in her room. She loved the look.

Peace out. And keep spreading the truth.

Sanctions Against Iran May Cause Small Business Closures
8/14/10 09:24 PM

Uh, not sure this is helpful but I read this technical blog because I know absolutely nothing about things technical. And new amazing things I could never imagine are being created/upgraded every day. I now know I need an external hard drive. Two months ago, I didn't. (know they existed) Thanks for the post and I appreciate the comment, even if it is written in a language I don't recognize.

Seagate GoFlex Home
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8/14/10 07:45 PM

uhm, or she

Sanctions Against Iran May Cause Small Business Closures
8/14/10 07:41 PM

@Creative1, please believe that jokerman was born with infinite wisdom. It has taken me years of faithful devotion to DemocracyNow!, Pacifica radio in general (KPFA's mine), Commondreams, Alternet, Firedoglake, etc. to know enough to agree with every word but one of his on this topic. Word? Socialist. I am one and that other one definitely is not.

Sanctions Against Iran May Cause Small Business Closures
8/14/10 07:39 PM

As much as I hate IKEA crap and as many times as I've sworn never to have any, I got tired of looking at consignment and thrift shops for a desk and bit into the numerous AT posts for the IKEA Melltorp. And since it was so nicely photographed with a Helmer cabinet, I got one of those too. Very carefully following the instructions, I got to the nearly final step of inserting the drawers. It turned out I'd assembled the drawer supports so carefully ... upside down. It's sitting in my dumpster area with a note for someone to take it home and fix it. The table's still in the box. I'm a little scared.

Hi-Tech Solution For a Low Tech Problem: Improving IKEA Instruction Manuals
8/13/10 08:20 PM

Brian, you're spot on a lot of times but don't let that go to your head. Gardens are not always, to everyone, something to get over and start anew. For some, they are real, living extensions of a collaboration between hands, heart and god's nature. And, really...white towels are the only way to go? I have found that beige and sage colored towels speak to the nature and color of the sea and sand. Love your comments, ask you might go for more generic rather than absolute recommendations.

Moving Dilemma: Leaving a Garden Behind
8/9/10 10:36 PM

Jane, you ignorant slut...

Done. Peace out.

Gwyneth's 3 Month Reno Project...Done in 10 Days GOOP | Apartment Therapy Chicago#comments#comments
5/28/10 11:44 PM


I may or not have also come to your defense at some point but do not see the value nor the the kinship of the *old queens* reference. It's over the top, completely out of line.

Gwyneth's 3 Month Reno Project...Done in 10 Days GOOP | Apartment Therapy Chicago#comments#comments
5/28/10 10:11 PM