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I am the exact opposite --- I was originally from Singapore but have been in Chicago now for 8 years. I never truly celebrated xmas here, but this year I resolved to buy my first real wreath and xmas tree. It was a big step for me, having grown up with only fake ones in Singapore. Heck, we don't even have pine trees there. I think it has made xmas more special for me. The only tradition I have is going to church during xmas. Hopefully you are enjoying the heat over there, which I don't miss....I guess you can always checkout the fake snow at Tanglin mall!

Expat Christmas: Celebrating The Holidays Far From Home
12/10/10 12:15 AM

I iron about once every week, on sundays, for about one hour. That's usually enough time for me iron the work clothes I need for the upcoming week. Of course, if I head out to dinner mid-week, I'll iron a little more frequently.

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7/31/08 11:17 AM