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Oh man! When I saw she got rid of it I nearly cried! I agree with Emily, it would have been *so* awesome to paint it different colors!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before After: Claire's Wainscoted Bedroom
7/27/09 10:01 PM

I have to agree with bepsf, but it is an essential concept, and needs to be pushed! I'd *love* to be a part of a community like that, on both the consumer and designer side.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Sol, the Sustainable Community Austin
7/8/09 12:06 PM

So happy! :)
Great post.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Painted Buildings
6/16/09 04:09 PM

I recognized it...
I think it was a worthy idea... but bepsf is right... lots of waste.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! Two Alvar Alto-Inspired Rug DIYs
3/2/09 09:42 PM

(Pssst... Dremel is spelled wrong.)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dremmel Stylus 7.2V: In The Test Lab
2/3/09 12:50 PM

Oh man. Dremel's... yes. Definitely yes. They're great to have. But the Stylus? No.
Even if you have small hands like me, the most natural position for your hand to be in seems to be with your finger right on the tip. To avoid putting your finger on the tip, you have to put your hand in a funny position. And after more than a minute or two of holding it, your hand is going to hurt. I promise.
Instead, get one of the other models and an extender attachment. They are amazing, and will save your hands!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Dremmel Stylus 7.2V: In The Test Lab
2/3/09 12:49 PM

Yes, Keetra!

Also, the scrabble pillows are awesome.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 25 Strange Throw Pillows
1/14/09 06:27 PM

Just wondering how everyone is doing after the ice storm on thursday...

We still don't have power! Did any one else get hit badly?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Open Thread 8 Boston
12/15/08 01:19 PM

bepsf.... Perfect Edna chair, she would totally rock one of those!

I, however, would not. I'd feel like someone was standing over my shoulder!

Apartment Therapy New York | Workbay Task Chair by the Bouroullec Brothers
12/10/08 06:30 PM

Those flowers are beautiful! And the simplicity of the cakes, all on the different platters... just a great job! Love it!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | 39 Layers and Some Buttercream: Wedding Cake Report
12/10/08 06:18 PM

more specifically...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Stacking Utensil Set from Urban Outfitters
11/6/08 07:15 PM

Yay Fred! Such a great company... I'm doing a project featuring them right now!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Stacking Utensil Set from Urban Outfitters
11/6/08 07:09 PM

OMG I wish I'd known this was going on. Next time you come to Savannah.... let me know! There are tons of amazing places not on this list!

Apartment Therapy DC | Reader Recommendations: Savannah GA
10/27/08 08:00 AM

I live in Savannah! And I've never seen that, or any similar graffiti. Where is it?

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Stencil Graffiti in Savannah GA
10/22/08 08:24 AM

Dramatic! And surprisingly cozy. I feel like it would be ultra relaxing in there.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Big Black Bedroom
9/10/08 11:27 AM

Keep it white! Or go with the brown.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bathroom Color Choice: What Do You Think?
9/10/08 11:17 AM

My family has used Dr Bronner's pepermint soap forever! And it never gets old. Love it!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Thursday Giveaway: Nettie Scrub Soap and Candle Gift Pack Los Angeles
9/4/08 06:42 PM

SO awesome!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Radiator Seating by JDS Architects
8/26/08 01:48 PM

Tough crowd. I think it's well done. Editing would need to be done if this was done for a client who would need space to make the room their own. The "stuff" in here is what makes it hers!
I have to agree with seaside about the couch though. I love what she's done with the room, but the couch isnt for me. The pattern is what bothers me. I think a solid color would give eyes a place to settle for a moment.
Other than that, way to go run4istrun! Tastefully bold.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Go Bold or Go Home: Living Room Makeovers by Run4istRun
8/26/08 12:12 PM

Oh, I'm gonna have to disagree with everyone, I really like them. I bet the texture on the wood looks really cool, especially if they were sanded on the raw sides and the bark was left alone.
I dunno about using them as a door curtain, but I think they would be an interesting from floor to ceiling on a wall, or an unobtrusive room divider.

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Make a Wood Door CurtainBoston
8/25/08 01:53 PM