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Nine words: Laurie Colwin - Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant.

What Do You Cook When You're Cooking For One?
7/14/11 04:17 PM

This might not be in the spirit of the question, but I've never felt more accomplished than when powered by "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day." As a famously horrible baker, the ability to actually turn out loaves of better-than-decent yeast bread is a _homemaking miracle_. Even the bad loaves (dough too old/too wet, forgot to slash, burnt to the pan) are good. And the recipes aren't as picky as the authors make them out to be - I've learned I can throw a cup of corn meal and another of whole wheat into any recipe and get away with it.

Wait, You Made That?! Name Your Proudest Culinary DIY
3/28/11 06:54 PM

I became the director of a fine arts festival in 2004, and if I'd known I'd have 70-ish $400 paintings seven years later, I would have instead spent $3,000 each on ten. There was no way to predict such bounty at the time - and we treasure each work, knowing we're lucky to have (meaning, afford) it, and to be friends with many of the artists - but the time machine would bring me back with a tidy pile of kick-ass works of _size_. Save up some of your money and go big. Big.

Supersize It: Large-Scaled Art
At Home in Arkansas

3/28/11 05:58 PM

I second the Soft Claws option. We might be living in a magical world where cats accept mild-to- moderate humiliation, but we've been able to keep up the routine of checking their paws everyday and replacing any that've been shed (maybe two or three a week). They even come in colors and motifs, but we've resisted temptation.

Suggestions for Pet Friendly Fabric & Couches?
Good Questions

3/25/11 07:16 PM

The humans in our household are vegetarian - when we got our first kitten, we tried her on a diet of brown rice mixed with cottage cheese, brewer's yeast and taurine powder (an amino acid - cats lose their eyesight without it). She wasn't going to stand for that sort of jackassery, of course, although over her lifetime she loved her some avocado, and - on its own - never turned down cottage cheese. I'm convinced it was the taurine powder that ruined it. She lived to age 20; Science Diet rules.

Fancy Feasts: Do You Cook For Your Pets?
1/27/11 06:07 PM

Laurie Colwin, Laurie Colwin -- still feeling the loss.

Escapes: Reading Elizabeth David | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/20/10 07:40 PM

For a savory offering:

Small cherry or grape tomatoes (with a little give to them)
Pepper vodka
Syringe (generally available by prescription only -- make friends with someone who has a diabetic cat)

Now what? Hmmm ... or rather, mmmm...

Vodka Watermelon! How to Fill a Fruit with Booze Sweet Paul | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/5/10 02:59 PM

Cyb! Hey, dude -- what a gift you're here to _school_ us. Best that bostontom learns early individual opinions are not allowed.

Before After: A Reorganized Dining Room | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/30/10 04:02 PM

We live in a classic Cape Cod, with two dormer windows facing the street; the only holiday decorating we do is to sub out our usual second-floor window lamps for two large matching vintage outdoor light-up Santas (I fear that's too many comma-less adjectives, please forgive). They're sentimental and beautiful, yet also just a little creepy in the way they loom over the neighborhood ... which, as it turns out, is just what I was looking for in Christmas decor.

Christmas Decor: 1950's Style | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
11/30/09 08:35 PM

During the summer months of 1932 & '33, Grant Wood ("American Gothic") hosted an art school/colony in Stone City, Iowa. Students and faculty alike lived in converted ice wagons very much like the structures shown here ... comfortably, reportedly ... but hey, it was 1932.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Les Roulottes: Gypsy Wagons for the Garden
9/14/09 01:17 PM

I "bought" a simple, beautiful and old 10' bench by making a donation toward the renovation of the old Czech meeting hall from whence it came ... and appeased my husband by promising we'd never scrape off the decades of gum petrified immediately under the front seat ledge. Which is actually sort of okay -- authentic, even.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Church Pews at Home
5/31/09 01:05 PM

Have you ever actually smelled insulin? Once you drop and shatter the glass bottle on the kitchen floor, you realize how very well the syringe and rubber stopper protect you from otherwise having to know. We have an eighteen year-old diabetic cat, and now always (always) twirl the bottle (to mix) over a towel in the sink. The most acrid smell ever, and still going strong after four months. I never imagined I'd be cursing our original-to-the-house wood floors. Cursed floor.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What’s the worst thing you’ve spilled? Melbourne
2/20/09 10:44 AM

We applied Tempaper to the walls of our guest bathroom, right over the 80's flame-stitch wallpaper and with great success. Couldn't have been easier. And it's exactly like really nice contact paper, if by really nice contact paper you mean no one would ever guess it's not traditional paste and pattern. I'd never have tried to actually wallpaper this bathroom -- it's so small, we'd rather wrestle cats in there -- but this product is easy to handle and can be flawlessly applied. Honest. And affordable -- we used exactly one roll, at a cost of $80.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Roundup: Temporary Wallpaper
1/23/09 04:35 PM

I'll always remember hearing the news of her death on NPR ... the next day, my friend of many years said she was saddened by the loss of her favorite author ... and that was when we discovered we had both always, secretly (apparently), been Laurie Colwin fanatics. I'm guessing LC love is a thread that runs through kindred friendships everywhere. At our house, we make her favorite gingerbread recipe (from More Home Cooking) every year around the anniversary of her passing.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Laurie Colwin: The Domestic Sensualist
12/23/08 01:43 PM

Ah! But witness this: The Anderson House, a hotel in Wabasha, MN, "rents" happy (I can attest to this) cats to their guests. My understanding is that the tradition started when a patron (staying in the area to be near a family member being treated long-term at the Mayo Clinic) wished aloud that he might have a little companion ...

We've stayed several times, always reserving a cat -- they have nine or so, all of whom bunk in a big, sunny room until their one-night stands arrive. This last stay, our rented pal had such a good time my husband declared that were it up to the cat, we wouldn't have had to pay.

As I type, I realize my username combines with this comment to paint a picture rife with cat-freak-ness: possibly I should have thought of that before, but it was bound to happen someday. My whole life, building up to this one post. Such sadness.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Pet Rental?
8/6/08 11:46 AM

Before you make the final decision to paint: this chair is one segment of a Chadwick sectional, produced by Herman Miller for a couple years in the very early 70's. Don Chadwick was/is also the designer of the Aeron chair.

Our household has a five-section piece that came out of a yoga studio in Chicago (bought on ebay and then hauled home to Cedar Rapids). I watch these as they come up for auction, in case more segments of our particular color become available; just a few weeks ago, there was a six-section stretch of Chadwick that went for over $3,500, and a 14-piece section that sold for almost $9,000 ...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Dye this Chair Black?
7/29/08 03:21 PM